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Bargain Photo Booths May be a Bad Deal

Photo booths are more than just fun and entertainment at weddings – they are also a great way to capture unforgettable moments from your guests and provide them with a personalized keepsake from your special day!

Just like every other element of your wedding, renting a photo booth is something that needs to be budgeted. With so many rental companies out there, it’s hard to know what’s best, but it’s important to remember, you get what you pay for. Bargain photo booths may be a bad deal; here are some reasons you shouldn’t compromise on cost when it comes to photo booths for your wedding.

Raleigh bride sharing photo booth pictures on social mediaPhoto courtesy of TapSnap

Quality matters
If you have been to multiple weddings with photo booths, chances are you’ve noticed there is a drastic difference in the quality of pictures from different photo booth vendors. Some are bright and clear, and others go right in the trash. The whole point is to have photos that you and your guests want to keep for years, so finding a photo booth that uses top-of-the-line capture and print equipment is essential. If possible, you may want to request to see actual sample photos so you can really see the difference before you commit.

Level of service
Make sure the photo booth company you plan to use is legitimate. Technically, anyone can buy the equipment necessary to run a photo booth, but do they have a license for business? Do they have backup equipment? How do they save/backup the files? Were you given a contract? Do they have reviews online? Make sure that you hire a reputable company.

Neal Zipser, who manages Shutterbooth in NC, shared that he recently received a call from a bride who said to him, ‘you were right,’ referring to a conversation they had about getting what you pay for. This bride had decided to go with a photo booth company that was a couple hundred dollars less than ShutterBooth. “I simply couldn’t match the price she was given by this other company. When her wedding day came, she was told that the photo booth would not be at her wedding reception because this other company overbooked the date,” said Neal. Unfortunately, this story is all too common from brides who opt for special deals or an unofficial photo booth company.

Bride and groom use Shutterbooth at weddingPhoto courtesy of Shutterbooth

You get what you pay for
Starting cost for a rental for weddings with Shutterbooth start at $595 for weekdays and $795 for Saturdays. Online sources indicate many brides spend an average of about $1,000 on a complete photo booth package.

Regardless of who you choose, you will want to ask what is included in your package, such as the entire time for which the booth will be up and running, what props or screen options are available (such as personalization), and make sure you get a copy of the photos as your own souvenir.

Photo booths have almost become a standard at weddings. If you’re going to invest in a photo booth, make sure it’s one that you can really rely on.

SB&G Preferred Photo Booth Vendors
Companies like Shutterbooth and TapSnap are part of SB&G’s preferred list of vendors because they have a trusted reputation and a quality product.Shutterbooth photo booth with propsPhoto of Shutterbooth by Amanda Olson Photography

Shutterbooth offers private and open-air options that comfortably accommodate up to 15 people. It also gives couples the option to add a video component to their traditional booth for guest to record customized messages. There is even the option to create a music video. With creative green screen options and backdrops, there are plenty of possibilities. Green screens superimpose images behind guests, so they can “appear” anywhere from a tropical island to a famous historical site. After the event, keepsake options range from anything from traditional photo strips to magnet sleeves to oversized canvas wraps.

Open air photo booth from TapSnapPhoto courtesy of TapSnap

TapSnap is an open-air photo booth, which can accommodate up to 35 people. It uses a high quality Canon DSLR camera and a high quality dye sublimation printer to provide high quality photos (no cheap web cams or ink jet printers). It uses green screen technology to allow the backgrounds of the photos to be customized to any theme imaginable, with an interactive 42″ touchscreen where people can add customized digital props to fit the theme of the wedding. Photos can instantly be emailed or shared on Facebook or Twitter using two hashtags. High quality, unlimited 4×6, 5×7, or 6×9 prints are provided, along with a flash drive with all the photos for the bride and groom at the end of the event.

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