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Rebecca and Charlie’s (& Bernie’s) Wedding Weekend

Brown Mountain Beach Resort Wedding by Jillian Knight Photography Rebecca and Charlie’s love story isn’t complete without one very special guest: their English bulldog, Bernie. Bernie was there when Charlie proposed to Rebecca at their home in Chicago. Of course, he was also at their Brown Mountain Beach Resort wedding by Jillian Knight Photography. Rebecca… READ MORE

Real-ationship Advice

Don't Forget to Plan Your Marriage By Jenna Parks, Publisher of Heart of NC Weddings  Everyone shows up to their wedding day with love in their hearts and a desire for success – so what takes couples from that, to a lifelong marriage?  Our entire lives, we are taught that love is about “finding the… READ MORE

Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure Destination Wedding Venue NC MountainsSanderling Resort Southern Destination wedding venue in Outer Banks NCWashington Duke InnMerrimon-Wynne-House-Raleigh-NC

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