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How We Celebrate Now

The New World of Weddings in North Carolina and Beyond It’s easy to overlook that celebrations are a huge part of life … until they are absent. Birthdays, holidays, graduations and myriad monumental occasions are made into memories by virtue of people coming together to intentionally honor that moment. As the pandemic steamrolled our society… READ MORE

New Year, New Vacation

Top Travel Trends Expected in 2021 by CMC Events & Travel Ready to reschedule some of those postponed 2020 vacations? NC-based leisure travel planner Cara Cartee of CMC Events & Travel has travel tips to keep you safe and smiling. As a result of COVID-19, many of the top travel trends expected in 2021 look… READ MORE

Green & Gold Vow Renewal

Emerald Green Vow Renewal Styled by Virtue Events at Golden Belt Campus   Marriages aren’t just about the wedding day, they’re a lifelong commitment. Why not plan a wedding vow renewal to celebrate the achievement of maintaining your love for years after the (first) big day?  Gather your nearest and dearest for round two and… READ MORE

Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure Destination Wedding Venue NC Mountains

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