Locals Seafood Mobile Raw Bar

Locals Seafood Mobile Raw Bar

Add a Splash of Brine to your Wedding


Locals Seafood Mobile Raw Bar is one of our favorite wedding catering recommendations! You may be familiar with the Locals brand already. They serve up fresh North Carolina fish and shellfish at their Durham Food Hall restaurant. But did you know about their mobile oyster catering service? The Locals oyster raw bar is a delicious and impressive touch for any wedding event!

This service can be booked alongside your wedding reception caterer. In fact, most caterers do not have the resources to provide on-site oyster shuckers. Therefore, most caterers welcome Locals Seafood as a partner for your wedding event. Best of all, the Locals Seafood Mobile Raw bar is super affordable.

Creative Catering Idea for your Triangle NC Wedding: Locals Seafood Mobile Raw Bar

The Locals’ oyster display provides an elegant buffet station and is staffed with friendly, knowledgeable oyster shuckers. Ask any seafood-related question and they’re likely to know the answer. Mobile bar packages include oysters, sauces, ice, setup, breakdown and clean-up of the station.

Services include seafood hors d’oeuvres a la carte, as well as an oyster roast package. If you’re looking for a custom menu, reach out and contact Locals! They would love to bring your vision to life.

The Locals Seafood Mobile Raw bar serves the Triangle area, including Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill. They will also travel to western NC, eastern and coastal NC and the Triad area for an additional fee.

If you’re wondering about the seasonality of raw oysters, know that Locals is a great addition to your event any time of the year! “We can absolutely cater oysters in June!” says Locals Director of Market Growth Sarah Grace Smith. “Our oysters are safe to eat year-round thanks to mechanical refrigeration. The myth about months that end in “R” comes from a time when there was no mechanical refrigeration. It was also because wild oysters were fattest in cold months, and then slim down to spawn in the summer. Our oyster farms grow oysters that never spawn, so they never slim down.”

History of Locals Seafood

Locals Seafood has been providing the Triangle with fresh North Carolina seafood for more than a decade. They source their seafood right from the coast of North Carolina. In fact, they drive to the coast multiple times a week to bring the freshest seafood available back to Raleigh.

Want to test them out ahead of time? Pop by their Durham Food Hall location to get a sampling of their fresh seafood. Or, register for a seafood subscription!


Locals Seafood Mobile Raw Bar

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