Mobile DJ Direct

Mobile DJ Direct

Build Your Playlist with Your Own App


Justin Mann, owner of Mobile DJ Direct, has been entertaining at events and bars around Raleigh for more than a decade. His event brand presents a modern system that is one-of-a-kind in the NC market. Plan your timeline and wedding playlist with a personal app. Heart of NC Weddings is excited to recommend this Raleigh wedding DJ!

A Smooth Operation with Mobile DJ Direct

Everything that Mobile DJ Direct does is designed to help personalize and customize your wedding. Their app is no exception! This music planning app for phones is a fantastic way to streamline and act as a hub for music communication and planning to ensure that no song slips through the cracks. The planning app can also provide fresh inspiration via curated song recommendations.

Plus, invite your whole crew to get in on the playlist curation! Mobile DJ Direct takes the guess work out of choosing your wedding playlist. The best part? The next time you hear a song on the radio that you absolutely love and want to hear at your wedding, simply open the app and add it to your wedding playlist in seconds. How cool is that?

There’s a lot more to being a wedding DJ than playing songs. Mobile DJ Direct will coordinate with all your other wedding vendors to ensure that your day runs smoothly from beginning to end. When it comes to their setup, it’s one of the cleanest in the game. All cables are neatly managed with cable straps and a DJ facade. In the unlikely event that any equipment fails, they always has backup equipment on standby.

Raleigh Wedding DJ and Emcee

At the event itself, expect a dance party! They mix all music professionally to keep the energy hight and the dance floor packed! In addition to mixing music, Mobile DJ Direct will act as the emcee at your wedding and knows just how to carry out this duty in a direct way that’s classy and not cheesy or intrusive. They achieve this by making announcements, helping to keep the evening moving yet avoiding wedding games, cracking jokes or leading line dances.


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