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7 Ways to Pick Your Wedding Photographer

How to Choose the Picture-Perfect NC Wedding Photographer

They say that every photo captures a memory, so there’s something special about picking that perfect NC Wedding Photographer to snapshot the moments of your wedding day so that you can remember them forever. At Heart of NC Weddings, we know that planning a wedding (and all of the extra events that come along with it) can be stressful for couples. Thankfully, we’ve got a team full of people ready to help you out! 

Keep scrolling for tips on how to choose the picture-perfect NC wedding photographer for your day from NC wedding photographer, Jillian Knight!

Jillian Knight is the owner of Jillian Knight Photography based in Raleigh, NC. Founded in 2000, Jillian Knight Photography focuses on a light and sophisticated style of photography that showcases couples sincerely and authentically. 

7 Ways to Pick Your NC Wedding Photographer

Tip One: What’s your style?

Trying to decide your preferred photography style? Jillian recommends browsing the pages of Heart of NC Weddings magazine to help you out! If you’re looking for more inspiration after that, head on over to Instagram and Pinterest for a plethora of styles.

To help couples decide what style fits their personalities, Jillian uses the following style guide for wedding photography:

  • True to life: Colors look authentic or slightly more vibrant with film or digital film-style photographers 
  • Light and airy: Photographer prefers a lighter background, works with natural, glowy and bright lighting 
  • Dark and moody: Photographer loves shadows and contrast, works with moody and bold lighting

Tip Two: What’s the vibe?

Every couple is different, and it’s important to find a wedding photographer that you get along well with. Not only will this person follow you around on your wedding day, but you may see them for engagement photos, rehearsal dinners and other wedding activities where you want professional photography. According to Jillian, getting along with your wedding photographer is essential because you’ll typically spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you will with your future spouse!


Tip Three: Do your homework!

In a world of online shopping, reading product reviews has become a part of our everyday lives. According to Jillian, products aren’t the only things couples should read reviews for. To make sure a photographer is right for you, Jillian recommends doing your homework before you inquire about services. More thoroughly, Jillian urges couples to follow these guidelines:

  • Rely on trusted local planning guides and professional wedding vendors for recommendations.  
  • You can tell a lot about a photographer’s personality and the way they run their business just by reading their reviews! 
  • Ask to see a full gallery. Instagram feeds are great highlight reels, but be sure you’re comfortable with what a full gallery looks like.

Tip Four: Select the package that best suits your day!

Wedding photographers typically offer a variety of packages and it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one is best for your wedding day. To take away some of the stress, Jillian recommends picking the package that is all-around perfect for you day. 

“Have a clear idea of what is included in your package before signing the dotted line,” Jillian says. “Are you looking for “complete” wedding coverage, or do you only need a few hours? Inquire about the cost of added hours to packages. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how long it takes to get your final gallery and products.”


Tip Five: Don’t skip the engagement session with your NC wedding photographer!

Looking back at tip two, having an engagement session with your wedding photographer can be an important part of establishing and discovering the vibe between the photographer and you and your partner.

Jillian recommends thinking of an engagement session as a step in creating the first initial relationship with the photographer who will join you on your wedding day. Describing an engagement session as a dress rehearsal for the big day, Jillian encourages couples to take that time to become comfortable with and get to know their photographer.

Tip Six: Timeline, timeline, timeline!

Wedding planners aren’t the only ones who love a good timeline, so do photographers! Jillian recommends couples establish a professional timeline that holds space for candid moments to take place. This not only allows wedding photographers to capture all the scheduled moments, but also those sweet ones in-between. 


Tip Seven: What time is sunset on your wedding day?

Your timeline isn’t the only important schedule to keep track of on your wedding day, and knowing the time of sunset is a good way to help your photographer create mood for your photos. To achieve the style of photography you prefer, Jillian recommends looking to your photographer to tell you the best time of day for portraits on your wedding day. By having open communication and working with your photographer, you’ll be able to effectively plan your ceremony time and first look. 

Still looking for the perfect NC wedding photographer for your wedding day? Learn more about Jillian Knight and the other photographers Heart of NC Weddings recommends here!

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