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Wedding Calligraphers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, and Wilmington NC

Our children may not be learning cursive in elementary school any longer, but when it comes to formal events, calligraphy has made a huge comeback - and not just for formal weddings. The calligraphy styles of our recommended Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill wedding calligraphers range from whimsical to eclectic in addition to traditional scripts. You will be enchanted by all of the options, but we feel sure one will call to you and feel like the perfect fit for your NC wedding calligraphy needs.

Wedding etiquette rules do call for hand-written addresses on your invitations. So why not explore some of the various calligraphy styles and allow this to be an extension of the vibe that your wedding invitation creates?

We are pleased to introduce you to our Heart of NC Weddings preferred calligraphers. Each one is based in Raleigh Durham and Chapel Hill NC, offers a variety of styles, and are well-versed in working alongside local stationers to expedite your invitation output. These talented artists will make a huge wow factor on your wedding invitations, and on your wedding day paper displays such as place cards and signage.

This is one of the areas of your wedding where you can really impress your guests – from before the wedding event happens, to the day they show up and see beautiful signage details as they move through the event. Calligraphy is a small touch that goes a long way!

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