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Chapels & Officiants

Wedding Chapels, Officiants and Pre-marital counseling in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary, NC

If you aren't getting married at your own family church, but you want the feel of a Christian wedding, you might be interested in booking a chapel that allows weddings from non-members. There are even some chapels that rent their space for wedding ceremonies of any denomination, like the two historic Raleigh wedding chapels listed below. Another thing you will need to book if you're not getting married at your own church, synagogue or mosque, is a wedding officiant. These reverends are the best known and most wonderful wedding ministers in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area. They both work with all faiths and backgrounds, and intercultural ceremonies. They also help with selection of wedding vows. A final recommendation on this page is a wonderful Raleigh pre-marital counselor who we've had the pleasure of getting to know this year. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking the time to address the important issues of marriage ahead of time. It's good for the soul!

If you’re booking a chapel for a stand-alone ceremony, you will want to do that at the same time you book your wedding venue. In the Raleigh Durham area of NC, wedding dates fill up 12-18 months in advance – or longer for popular venues in peak months.

You can book your NC wedding minister around 6-8 months ahead of time, but some of these great officiants are solo acts, so once they are booked, they’re booked. If you want one of these great ladies we’re recommending, it’s never too soon to call.

As far as premarital counseling goes, we think it’s a wonderful goal to spend a few months of your engagement focused on it. Schedule it when you can, but plan to finish up at least a couple months before your wedding day.

The Parlour at Manns Chapel Hill Wedding Venue

The Parlour at Manns Chapel

Love Big, Celebrate Small
  • Location: Chapel HIll, NC
Sunset Wedding Ceremony Raleigh Union Station Wedding Venue in Downtown Raleigh Barlow

Kevin Holland Personal Weddings of NC

NC Wedding Officiant Specializing in Personalized Ceremonies
  • Location: Raleigh, NC
Weddings by Heidi Gessner Raleigh NC Wedding Officiant

Weddings by Heidi

Experienced Personal NC Wedding Officiant and Relationship Coach
  • Location: Durham, NC
Photo of Timeless Chapel, All Saints Chapel

All Saints Chapel

Voted Prettiest Chapel in the South
  • Location: Raleigh

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