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For Perfect Wedding Weather, Bury the Bourbon

Burying the Bourbon: Digging Up Southern Wedding Traditions 

In the South, we have all sorts of unique sayings, superstitions and traditions. Many couples choose to honor their Southern heritage by including one or a handful of quirky or fun Southern traditions during their wedding planning and big day.

The ominous possibility of rain on your wedding day (or even a hurricane wedding!) is enough to cause any couple to take a few extra measures in hopes that the sun will shine brightly when it is time to walk down the aisle. Burying the bourbon is a tradition that, if done correctly, is supposed to ward off rain the day of the wedding.

Those who swear by this Southern myth state that the couple must visit their wedding venue exactly a month before the wedding date and bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down. Yes, the bourbon bottle has to be full and it has to be upside down! The size or origin of the bourbon doesn’t seem to matter, but if you feel like Mother Nature might be a bourbon lover, certainly opt for the biggest size.

If you choose to participate in burying the bourbon, make sure you get the permission of your wedding venue first. If digging up the landscape doesn’t sit too well, ask if you can bring your bourbon pre-buried in a pot you can hide in shrubbery or place inconspicuously onsite. Ask your wedding photographer or a friend to tag along to capture the unique moment.

Lastly, don’t forget where you buried your bottle. Rain or shine, dig up your bourbon post-wedding ceremony and share it with your wedding party and guests in celebration!

Article contributed by Kirsten Barber

What if the Weather is Bad on My Wedding? Drink the Bourbon Anyway 

You’re might be wondering, what do I do if I bury the bourbon and it still rains on my wedding day? Drink the bourbon anyway! Yep, you heard us. Dig up that bottle and pour out a glass to your soulmate, your family and your friends. Rain or shine, your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life. Why waste a perfectly good bottle of bourbon? And due to the contradictory nature of most superstitions, rain on your wedding day is good luck!

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