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Lauren O & Co

Wedding Planners

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  • Raleigh 420 Hubert St., Ste. 2 919-307-5707

Lauren O & Co’s Mission – Representing What’s Real

At the heart of the Lauren O & Co brand is a deep-rooted desire to showcase love stories of all forms – particularly the kind that are underrepresented in the wedding industry. Before it was ever a hashtag (way before), it was their reason for being. At Lauren O & Co, you’ll find planners, people and creative partners who see you, appreciate you and maybe even look like you. Because it’s not too much to ask.

Lauren O & Co’s Approach

Purveyors of purposeful planning and the pure bliss that comes with it. Read: wedding planners who let you live. With more than nine years of industry expertise and a knack for bringing even the most ambitious events to life effortlessly, there’s nothing the team loves more than helping modern couples curate a celebration that stems from their story and style … without unnecessary stress or unwelcome setbacks.

For you, the most important part of your wedding is the experience it offers your guests, from the food they’re served and the glasses they raise to the music that pulls them toward the dance floor. You want an expert to help you invest your budget in high-quality elements that make a massive impact on guest experience. You don’t want flashy for flashy’s sake. You want pure revelry with your favorite people. Lauren O & Co’s services are rooted in making sure your event delivers just that.

Whether you need a team to oversee every last line item from start to finish (their specialty) or simply step in and manage logistics as the day-of approaches, they’ll ensure your celebration is as radiant and lasting as that love of yours.



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