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Ninth Street Flowers


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  • Durham 700 Ninth Street 919-286-5640

Signature Freshness… Inspired design… Unsurpassed Service.

Ninth Street Flowers differs from mainstream florists. Their passion is flowers. Glorious blooms sourced from local growers if possible and imported from farms around the world when necessary. If it is available as a cut flower, they can, and frequently do get it in their store. They resist the current trend in flowers to commoditize one of nature’s wonders… the unparalleled splendor of a flower. If a bride can appreciate and enjoy all facets of a blossom’s beauty, give them a call. They’ll do everything they can to make a bride’s flower buying experience unforgettable.

As the premier flower shop serving Durham, Duke University, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, RTP and parts of Cary and Raleigh, Ninth Street Flowers surrounds the customer with an abundance of creativity and beauty. They will find world class floral designers who embrace the emotions behind each order and then diligently strive to express these sentiments with flowers. Whether the occasion is one of commemorating a loved-one’s life or celebrating a special day, the staff of Ninth Street Flowers is dedicated to empathizing and accommodating a customer’s flower needs with great attention to detail and deep sensitivity to the moment.

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