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Raleigh Brewing Company

Bar Services

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  • Raleigh 3709 Neil St. 919-400-9086
  • Cary, NC 2036 Renaissance Park Place 919-400-9087

Raleigh Brewing Company – Wedding and Event Bar Services

Locally and women owned Raleigh Brewing Company is here to serve their delicious craft beers right from the tap at your event. Located in the Raleigh / Triangle Area, Raleigh Brewing Company has locations in both Raleigh and Cary, NC. They are able to serve your wedding or any special event while providing different size kegs, pouring equipment and professional bartenders for your event. Bartenders will stay at your wedding or event for as long as needed. 

Raleigh Brewing Company bartenders are ABC-certified and can serve at events all over North Carolina. They serve the beer made in their own brewery where around 8,000 barrels of beer are produced each year. Raleigh Brewing Company produces over 90 different types of beer including some non-alcoholic drinks as well. Many of their drinks are locally inspired, such as the ‘Raleigh Belltower’ and ‘Raleigh the Walter’. Having a local brewery at your event will make your event more special! You can even order a keg for your event online. 

Book Raleigh Brewing Company For Your Upcoming Event

All you have to do is fill out a keg request form and include what flavors you want, how many kegs and their sizes for your special occasion! Along with the many flavors of beer to choose from, there are also different size kegs available as well! You can rent either 45 or 125 pint size kegs for your event. Online reviews rave about Raleigh Brewing Company, 

“We have been going to RBC for years and it remains our favorite brewery … The beer is excellent, with consistent favorites as well as many rotating new brews to try. The bartenders are always super friendly and helpful, and even during busy times they manage the crowds well and there is never a long wait for a drink.” 

Raleigh Brewing bartenders are approachable and quick on their feet – book their bar services for your upcoming wedding or event!  

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