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Reverend Dupree


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Reverend Dupree – Authentic, Unique Ceremonies for Modern Couples

Reverend Katherine Dupree launched her business, because she values genuine conversations about love, family and spirituality. She prides herself in being more than a wedding officiant, she approaches clients as a friend and soul sister. Reverend Dupree is spiritual but not religious and approaches clients with an authenticity that shines through in her packages. Every package offers an initial meeting and consultation that takes place in venues significant to the couple. Her consultations with clients allow her to bring a couples vision to life. Katherine aims to create ceremonies true to the couples backgrounds and beliefs that resonate with them. As a member of the queer community herself, Katherine does not discriminate against couples based on race, gender identity, sexual orientation, country of origin, religion, level of ability, age or any other group orientation or demographic. 

Reverend Dupree’s ceremonies are about more than reciting vows. Couples who work with her get to experience a moment they will remember for a lifetime. 

Customizable Wedding Packages with Reverend Dupree

Reverend Dupree offers a variety of wedding packages, including Fully Customized Weddings, where she invites couples to draft a meaningful ceremony alongside her incorporating any faith symbols or traditions important to the couple. Her Custom Elopements and Micro Weddings Package includes all the features of a Fully Customized Wedding for fewer guests and at a lower price. For couples looking to streamline the process, Reverend Dupree offers a Simple Ceremonies Package, where they can choose a ceremony and adjust it to match their faith or traditions accordingly. Every package includes a meeting, consultation, marriage certificate filing, and commemorative certificates. With Katherine, you can feel confident your wedding will be organized and authentic to your love story.

Intimate Add-Ons

Rev. Dupree is now offering guided date nights, vow-advising sessions and pre-wedding pampering experiences to add more meaning and intimacy to your wedding journey. Set your intentions as a pair by adding a couples grounding ceremony to your wedding journey. Nervous about what you’ll say when it’s your turn at the altar? Schedule a one-on-one vow-advising session with Katherine. She’ll help you outline and create smooth and authentic vows. 

Or, go above and beyond by giving your fiancé the best pre-wedding gift ever – a custom-designed date night filled with guided conversation, meaningful moments and unforgettable experiences. Katherine will elevate your relationship before the big day and guide you toward an empowered and positive pre-marital mindset.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your wedding officiant could also play music before your ceremony? Katherine can play the violin just as well as she can bring two people together in matrimony! 

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