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Rocky Top Bar Services

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Rocky Top Bar Services, Alcoholic Beverages and Specialty Drinks for Your Wedding or Event

Every event starts with a good beverage. Exceed your wedding guests’ first impression by hiring Rocky Top Bar Services. Set the bar high with craft beer and creative cocktails. Design a bar package perfect for your event, including beer, wine, top-shelf liquors, and specialty cocktails. Add a delicious selection of non-alcoholic beverages to your wedding bar menu.

Rocky Top Bar Services delivers the same top-notch quality that their long-standing NC catering team is known for providing. Cocktails crafted with focused attention to detail,  seasonal offerings, and fresh ingredients. Whether you prefer something simple like beer and wine, or want something signature like themed cocktails, they make the process easy, fun, and delicious.

Local Knowledge and Professional Experience from Rocky Top Bar Services

Rocky Top knows their way around NC, with dozens of special event venues throughout Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Cary and beyond. Need bar services at the office, neighborhood clubhouse, or family reunion? Wherever you are, Rocky Top will come to you.

If you’re thinking about not hiring professional bar services for your wedding, think again. The last thing you need to be worrying about on your wedding day is whether or not all of your bar services are legal and in order. What’s the best way to avoid issues in the alcohol department? Hire an ABC-Licensed NC company to manage your bar, bartenders, and alcohol. Serving alcohol at an event is a serious responsibility, and Rocky Top recognizes this fact. Their team has extensive experience in the permitting process and facilitate that procedure so that your event runs smoothly. When paired with their catering team, Rock Top Bar servers can seamlessly serve both food and alcoholic beverages to your guests.

Build your own unique wedding bar with Rocky Top today!

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Nothing but great things to say about Rocky Top - everyone loved our food/drinks and the service was phenomenal.

Kelli Jo, Fall 2017 Bride