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Serrano Film Co.


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  • Boone, NC

About Serrano Film Co.

Serrano Film Co. is a husband-and-wife wedding videography team serving NC, the East Coast and select destinations.

Through a combination of editorial direction and documentary filmmaking, Dustin and Elyse offer a masterful and artful coalescence of your most important moments.

Each film draws on words spoken during both intimate and significant moments, combining them with cinematic musical scores to evoke emotion and recollection of irreplaceable memories.

The end result? A film to have and cherish for generation.

Clients of Serrano Film Co.

Clients value not only the beauty of their wedding day, but the sacred covenant it symbolizes.

Wedding weekends are planned with the utmost attention to detail and pageantry, while family and friends are held in the highest regard.

Clients choose Serrano Film Co. trusting that their day will be documented with the utmost care and that their memories will be honored as uniquely as their own.

Working with Serrano Film Co.

From inquiry to film delivery, Dustin and Elyse prioritize professionalism and clear communication above all else.

Dustin and Elyse will work closely with your planner, photographer and other vendors to ensure the timeline of your day supports a collaborative environment and allows for the space needed to foster the moments that Serrano Film Co. films are known for.

Films by Serrano Film Co.

Summer Wedding Weekend in Gastonia (Full Highlight Video)

Winter Wedding at Old Edwards (Social Media Sneak)

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