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The Axtells: Photography + Films

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About The Axtells

What if wedding photography and videography could be both beautiful and fun? Good news – it can be. Welcome to The Axtells: Wedding Photography & Films. As a couple themselves, couples are the Axtells jam. The husband and wife team love to work with dynamic duos to document one of the best days of their lives. Most couples describe The Axtells style of photography and film as timeless, crisp, bold and full of life. The Axtells expertly capture wedding days in romantic, thoughtful photography and captivating films that couples take with them throughout their days together. Most importantly, The Axtells are proud to offer their services to all who are in love, no matter race, nationality religious belief, gender or orientation.

The Axtells believe that your wedding should be a celebration of joy, love, beauty, family and fleeting moments. They photographed their first wedding in 2016 and since then have captured more than 300 in 13 states. The Axtells had their busiest wedding schedules yet in 2021 and 2022. Couples enjoy working with the Axtells because they’re happy to say “we get it,” after having a not-so-great photography experience on their own wedding day. Therefore, they’ve dedicated their craft to ensuring the photography and videography of your wedding is of the upmost quality and is one of the easiest and most enjoyable aspects of the day.

The Axtells – A Love Story

Stephanie Axtell always knew she wanted to be creative for a living. She never dreamed that being creative would allow her to live her fullest life – and meet the love of her life. The Axtells love story began in an airport, when Stephanie was waiting to check bags at a Delta terminal on her way home for Christmas. She saw a cute guy and mustered up the courage to give him her number. The rest is a tale as old as time as they fell in love and got married.

But the wedding part of the Axtells story has a twist. It turns out, planning your wedding in one month has challenges. When it came to their wedding photographer the couple didn’t get the experience they expected. They came away from the day with two lessons: a gallery of fewer than 200 photos meant that some moments were missing; and only one photo from their wedding day was ever printed out and framed in their home. Stephanie reflected on her experience earning a degree in film and production design and thought to herself ‘why can’t I capture weddings?’ It became her mission to ensure that no other couple experience what she did on her wedding day. Stephanie’s enduring goal is to give couples the moments and memories they can cherish, show off and admire for years to come.

Value Statement

The Axtells believe that at the core of their business, love and excellence plus intuition are valued above all else. It’s their continued improvement and attention to detail that allow them to deliver unparalleled quality for each and every couple. The Axtells are dedicated to capturing the unspoken and beautiful dynamic that you share in your relationship.

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