How to Choose Your Florist

Your Guide to North Carolina Wedding Florists

Think about everything that a wedding florist will bring to your wedding: colors, textures, smells, and most importantly, the wow-factor! Your floral designer understands all these elements and what they can add to your special day. The team will take your vision and match it, creating perfect centerpieces, backdrops and bouquets.

Distinctive Expertise: Wedding Florists vs. Standard Flower Shops

In the world of blossoms, there’s a significant distinction between a standard flower shop and a specialized wedding florist. Wedding floral design requires an intricate understanding of color palettes, seasonal variations, and the latest wedding trends. Our curated selection of North Carolina wedding florists possesses this expertise, ensuring that your floral arrangements harmonize seamlessly with your vision, venue, and vendor team.

The Essence of Timing

Timing is a critical factor. The moment you secure your wedding date and venue, it’s time to start the search for your ideal florist. In some cases, wedding florists in the Raleigh-Durham, and Chapel Hill area may request up to a ten month contract to reserve your date on their calendars. Just like venues, wedding vendors are booking up faster than ever. Therefore, hiring your florist as soon as possible is imperative.

How Much Do The Best Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Greensboro NC Wedding Florists Cost?

Some say that flowers should cost 10-12% of your wedding budget. But really, this is a personal choice. Wedding florists in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill markets report that couples spend around $3,500 on average for their big day. While some premier florists have minimum spending requirements in the $5,000 to $7,500 range, our carefully curated selection also includes experts who accommodate smaller budgets, offering a la carte options that retain the splendor without the compromise.

How to Find the Right Triangle or Triad NC Wedding Florist

Wedding florists are as diverse as flowers themselves. Here’s a quick consideration list for your research phase!

Crafting Your Floral Vision

Just as flowers vary in price, they also vary in the way they look when arranged by one floral artist versus another. The style of your florist is the single most important factor to match up with your own wedding vision.

Do you envision classic and elegant arrangements? (Think: Tight arrangements, lots of white or solid color palettes). Or, are you captivated by the current trend of loose garden-style arrangements? Perhaps even a mix of wild flowers and greenery garlands? Maybe you like the idea of lush and exotic vibes? Defining your floral style is the first step towards finding the perfect floral artist to curate your vision.

Guiding Your Vision: 3 Quick Tips to Lock in Your Style

1. Wedding Flower Inspiration

It’s always best to show and not tell when it comes to floral arrangements. Have fun with this! Dig into the Heart of NC Weddings blog for ideas and inspiration. Having a visual example will make it easier for you to find the florist who can guide you to the perfect floral arrangement for your perfect day. We advise making a Pinterest board.

2. Flexibility Matters

Yes, looking at florists’ work on their website’s photo gallery, their wedding listings online, and even on social media can be very helpful! This is a great way to research and find a great style fit. But please, do not get hung up on specifics. Most wedding florists are more than willing to tailor their curations to your unique preferences – as long as your flower choices are available.

3. Referrals and Deep Research 

Certainly, your friends and family referral network can come in handy – as long as they had a recent encounter with the vendor they recommend. We advise taking the advice of your venue and planner at equal or heavier weight, too. Their insights, especially for intricate floral designs and custom arrangements can be invaluable. Websites like ours also share vetted local vendors, so we hope you’ll consider us to be a personal recommendation, too.

As you research, we want to remind you that these are all local businesses. Learn about the people behind these businesses that you are considering investing in. They will be your partner on the most colorful piece of your day!

What Type of Wedding Flower Service Do I Need?

Discovering your ideal wedding florist involves aligning their services with your needs. Our carefully selected NC wedding florists bring a spectrum of offerings to the table:

NC Wedding Florists

A florist that specializes in weddings has the creative touch of building tabletop displays that match a range of wedding budgets. They know how to design a bouquet that matches your personality. Additionally, they have an operation down pat of ordering and delivering flowers that will not leave you stranded and having to DIY on your wedding day.

Wedding Design

Some of our florists offer wedding event design. This means that they will take care of the rentals and room layout. The type of florist or package you book will depend on your needs. For example, it depends on what your wedding venue offers. Also, consider whether or not you have hired a wedding planner that does the design (as opposed to just a coordinator).

DIY Wedding Flowers

For the hands-on couple, shop local farmers’ markets, or big box locations like Costco. Here, you can purchase flowers in bulk and assemble your own wedding flowers. Warning: this is not as easy as it sounds. It takes hours of work from a team of people, a cold place to store, and delivery. If you DIY set up, you also have to DIY breakdown. From start to finish, you need a team to execute DIY wedding flowers.

Finding the best wedding florists for Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Greensboro

You can start your search by reviewing our list of some of the best NC wedding florists. They are guaranteed to help guide your floral selections based on your budget and season of your wedding. We’re sure that you’ll love getting to know these Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and NC Triad wedding florists as much as we have!

Raleigh NC Wedding Florist Bride in Hoop of Flowers Sweet Love Blossoms NC Wedding Dress and Fashion Photo Shoot in Raleigh Blissmore
Find the Perfect Match

Ready to Find Your Florist?

Raleigh NC Wedding Florist Bride in Hoop of Flowers Sweet Love Blossoms NC Wedding Dress and Fashion Photo Shoot in Raleigh Blissmore
Find the Perfect Match
Ready to Find Your Florist?