How to Find Hair and Makeup Experts for Your Wedding

On-site Wedding Hair & Makeup Services

If there is ever a reason to put your hair and makeup styling in the hands of a professional, your wedding day is it. Chances are, the entire wedding party will want to book services. There’s a lot of considerations and planning involved with getting this right. First, you have to find the right stylist match. Then, you have to plan a location and coordinate with your wedding party. Finally, it’s all got to be perfectly fit into your day’s timeline.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you get started, and guide you to the best local wedding pros who can make your day (and looks) absolutely flawless.

Why it’s Important to Go Pro with Your Glam Squad

There are countless stylists who count themselves as wedding hair and makeup artists in the Raleigh-Durham region, as well as across the state. A lot of them are solo artists, who can be found via a local hair salon, promoting themselves on social media, or say a Nordstrom makeup counter. There are certainly talented artists that can be discovered by this route – and it might be a money saver. However, if they are not associated with a professional hair and makeup business, this is a more challenging option.

We advise doing your homework, and booking a professional hair and makeup company. We’re talking about companies that specialize in weddings – and love them! They have the bench depth to bring a whole team if needed (and a replacement if someone is sick!), to accommodate the wedding party and your timeline alike. But more importantly, they understand what’s trending, how to make your look stay perfect all night and how to make it work for the photos.

When Should I Book My Wedding Hair and Makeup Team?

Believe it or not, some folks book hair and makeup services a year in advance of their wedding. If this is a top priority for you, or you experienced a team at a friend’s wedding you know you want to use, go ahead and lock them in once you’ve got the date. There is competition for the handful of top professional teams in the Triangle region of NC. That being said, most folks book wedding hair and makeup services 6-9 months out.

How Much Does Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill NC?

Wedding hair and makeup services average $150-300 per person, per service. One example of price range is that updos cost more than hair down. Airbrush is more than liquid foundation. Travel is usually a line item too.

Dos and Donts for Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial

The hair and makeup trial is for you! It’s a chance to get to know your stylist and find a style that suits you.

DON’T show up clueless. Have a style in mind and inspirational photos on hand.
DO have an image of your dress on hand to show the stylist, too!
DON’T expect to receive multiple looks in one trial. Thus the need to be prepared.
DO be honest. If they are getting it all wrong and you know it – whether it’s at the end or halfway through – just tell them.
DON’T be shy about asking questions – about anything from travel fees, to how they handle the timeline, and a commitment of your trial stylist being there on the wedding day.
DO make it a date night (or engagement shoot time)! You’ll be looking great, so why not?

Timeline Considerations

The wedding hair and makeup will take longer than you think it will. Let me rephrase that. Schedule some wiggle room in your timeline for the wedding hair and makeup!

If you are getting ready at a hotel, hair salon or studio, remember to plan in the time it will take to travel to the wedding venue. Some of the Heart of NC recommended hair and makeup teams do have a studio, but they are all fully mobile. That means that they will come to your Raleigh, Durham, Cary or Chapel Hill wedding venue to style your wedding party!

There has to be a balance between allowing the hair and make up team to have an appropriate amount of time, and finding a team who will abide by the timeline limitations. It can be worthwhile to check references on these points from your wedding planner and venue coordinator.

On-site and in Salon Wedding Hair and Makeup Services in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Wilmington NC

Heart of NC Weddings recommends only the best wedding hair and makeup artists in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and Durham. You will not only fall in love with the artists, you’ll be blown away by their talents. We’ve worked with all of these businesses on our own Heart of NC Weddings photo shoots. That’s why we can personally vouch for them. Enjoy meeting these fabulous vendors!

Find the Perfect Match

Ready to Find Hair and Makeup Experts?

Find the Perfect Match
Ready to Find Hair and Makeup Experts?