How to Select a Videographer

Your Guide to Selecting a Wedding Videographer

Wedding videography is no longer a “splurge” item on the planning list. Hiring a wedding videographer to capture your day should be a top priority! This guide is a great place to start your research for a wedding videographer – whether you live in the Raleigh-Durham area of NC or beyond.

Wedding videos tell a story in motion, in a way that static photography simply cannot. Honor your love story by hiring an experienced wedding videographer to capture one of the most memorable days of your life. Wedding videos not only preserve your big day visually, but they also capture the sound! The priceless voices of your friends and family that you want to hold close to your heart forever. Don’t you want to be able to relive your wedding in five, ten, thirty years down the road? Let your future family walk down the aisle with you. Witness your wedding as a beautifully edited movie or highlight reel with music, close ups and invaluable candid moments. Keep scrolling do learn more about NC wedding videography, prices, packages and people. 

Read on for all tips on when to shop for your wedding videographer, how much to budget, and available styles.

When Should I Book My NC Wedding Videographer?

Book your wedding videographer eight months to one year in advance. Or, start shopping as soon as you have your wedding venue and date secured. This is the same timeline as when you book your wedding photographer. 

How Much Does Wedding Videography Cost in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Beyond in North Carolina?

Average wedding videography packages range from $2,000 to $8,000. 

Elopement packages are based on shorter time frames and cost less and are on the lower end of that range. Luxury wedding videographers start around $10,000.

It’s also possible to save money if you purchase a photo + video package from an artist who offers both services. A few of our Heart of NC Weddings pros do both wedding photography and videography. 

What to Expect from Modern Wedding Videography & Films

Gone are the days of lame 3 hour films captured on a tripod. Today, wedding films are more like film trailers. They are works of art that come in a wide variety of styles. 

Wedding videographers in NC typically provide a highlight trailer as the end product – which is a few minutes long. A professional wedding videographer will provide seamlessly edited video footage. One to two videographers will work as a team to get all the best camera angles. Expect smooth video footage (not shaky) with crystal clear audio recording. And best of all, a highlight film that you can save and that your friends and family will actually love to watch!

Depending on your package, you might also receive a longer keepsake film – which has the full ceremony, first dance, and memorable moments such as the toasts. 

Same Day Edits

A recent trend is for wedding videographers to create a highlight trailer during the dinner portion of the night – and then play it on a big screen or via projection to a wall that very night! It’s a fantastic send-off to the night!

Drone Footage

Ask your prospective wedding videographers if they have a drone that they can use for the film. This is a fabulous angle of the beautiful day from above. Please note, drones do make noise so discuss the portions of your wedding day that you are comfortable with them shooting in this way.

Reel Clip

It’s the era of TikTok. Ask your wedding videographer if they can provide a vertical clip that you can use on TikTok or Instagram reels. This will likely be an extra fee. 

Popular Wedding Photography Styles in NC

From Charlotte to Raleigh, Asheville to Wilmington and everywhere in between, NC wedding photographers cover the gamut of styles! Everyone has their own editing style, and many NC wedding photographers do not fit exactly into one box. Here’s a quick guide to the lingo, so you know what to look for. 

Classic Wedding Videography

Let’s call this “new school classic” wedding videography. These trailers are edited true to color, often with a romantic song or audio clips of the vows or a tearful toast overlaid in. The objective is usually happy tears.

Fine Art Wedding Videography 

Just like fine art wedding photography, this is going to be an elegant, whimsical style. 

Funky Wedding Videography

Some wedding videographers go kitschy. They have a more playful feel – full of fun transitions. 

Documentary Wedding Videography

True documentarians do not interfere with the day – they specialize in candid photographs. Many documentary wedding photographers will be amenable to a list of family portraits or couple shots upon request. 

Researching for Your NC Wedding Videographer

You’ll get a lot out of perusing wedding films on the Instagram feeds or blogs of prospective videographers. As you do, try to explore various styles, to get an idea of what you like best. 

  • Take note of how long you prefer the wedding film to be. If you are planning on having one of the longer films as part of your package, think about asking for back-end access to a few of the videographer’s favorite weddings. 
  • As you check out styles, please note that a lot of the best clips you see do not happen naturally. Often they are staged – such as during the getting ready time or following the ceremony. This adds to the timeline. Ask your prospective wedding videographers how they approach these moments.
  • Another thing to consider is if this videographer comes recommended by your NC wedding team. Have they filmed at your wedding venue before? If not, have they worked with your planner or photographer? 
  • Just like with photography, wedding videographers need light to shoot indoor, nighttime wedding receptions. Some videographers use a small light on their camera, while others bring multiple lights and set them up around the dance floor. This does impact the look of the reception – so think about what you prefer and talk about it. 
  • Your videographer will be around during intimate moments, so make sure that you are comfortable and feel natural with your wedding videographer present, above and beyond everything.

NC Wedding Videography Moments You’ll Want to Catch on Film

  • Getting ready with your best friends 
  • Getting dressed – buttoning the dress, fastening the bow-tie
  • Reading a love letter from your fiancé
  • First look with your wedding party and parents
  • First look or first touch with your fiancé
  • Walking down the aisle
  • The reaction of the person waiting at the altar 
  • Vows and the first kiss 
  • Just married portrait footage with your new spouse
  • Cocktail hour mingling and laughter
  • Drone footage – bird’s-eye view of the wedding venue
  • Detail shots of your decor
  • Wedding reception entrance
  • The first dances 
  • Mother and father dances
  • Toasts
  • Cutting the cake 
  • Dancing the night away
  • Wedding reception exit 
  • BONUS IDEA: We recently saw a bride who had her videographer create a special one minute cut that reviewed and promoted her wedding planner as a thank you to her planner. Never in our days publishing this magazine have we heard of or seen a sweeter act of gratitude.

More questions? Hear from some Raleigh-Durham wedding videographers HERE.

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First Dance Raleigh Union Station Wedding Venue in Downtown Raleigh Barlow
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Ready to Find the Perfect Videographer?