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Nothing is more beautiful than the natural glow of happiness on your big day. When you’re engaged, it’s a great time to spoil yourself on beauty & health treatments. Is there an aesthetic treatment you’ve always wanted to try? Or, do you just need a spa day?

Don’t forget to invest in skin care! And finding the perfect hair and makeup style to let your natural beauty shine on your big day is an essential piece of your wedding beauty timeline. On this page, meet several beauty and health services local to Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill. Consider this a list of ideas for your wedding planning self care.

Wedding Beauty & Health Timeline – Tips for a Beautiful, Healthy Glow

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. This part of your wedding preparation begins well in advance of your big day. As you prepare and plan your venue, date and other details, pick and choose from this wedding beauty timeline to create your own perfect routine. 

Wedding Beauty Timeline – One Year Out

Lay Foundation for Your Skin Care

Getting your skin ready for your wedding day is a process that starts months in advance. Taking care of your skin is all about forming a routine. Begin by visiting an experienced dermatologist to talk with an expert about getting a proper regimen in place to take the best care of your skin.

“Start your skin care routine three to six months before your big day,” advises Marissa Davis, owner of Reign Beauty. “Everyone’s skin and hair is different, so we recommend seeing a professional who can assess your skin and hair and recommend the best products for you.”

Consider factors that might affect the health of your skin during the months leading up to the wedding. Stress and lack of sleep can wreak havoc on even the most well-tended epidermis. If your body still needs a little TLC, visit a spa like The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary or Posh The Salon in Durham. Choose from a wide variety of targeted treatments, facials and more.

Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments in the NC Triangle

For a step up, there are a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments such as Botox, fillers, minimally invasive treatments and even physician-prescribed skincare, at Finn Plastic Surgery in Chapel Hill. Bonus tip: protect your skin for life by using sunscreen and hats daily! 

Another way to ensure that you’re glowing on your wedding day is to keep the stress of wedding planning from negatively impacting you. Stress and a lack of sleep and proper exercise can have a damaging on your body. Well before your wedding, establish consistent exercise routines with workouts that make you feel the most confident. Manage your daily screen time, and remember to take a deep breath every time anxiety levels rise. Make a plan for how you’ll deal with wedding planning stress when problems come up. Developing these healthy habits as early as possible is the best way to make sure you’re glowing and stress-free when your big day arrives! For an extra boost of relaxation, treat yourself to an occasional massage.

Select Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Style

We highly recommend that you take advantage of the wedding hair and makeup trial run as an opportunity to pin down a style that suits you. Know the following details before inquiring with a beauty salon: date and ceremony time, venue, getting-ready location and the number of services needed. When it comes to wedding hair and makeup, there are plenty of options to suit you and your personal style.

The engagement or bridal photos is a great opportunity for them to have the beauty trial done.

Save images of bridal looks to give your stylist an idea of what you like and don’t like. Do this regardless of whether you plan on a trial run or not. Search through Pinterest and other social media to find styles and examples of wedding day looks that you love. This is the best way to give your stylist a reference point for the wedding beauty you’d like.

“We always ask how the neckline is on their dress and if there is anything they want to try and hide or embellish. For example, some women don’t want their ears to be fully out, some hate having their hair all the way up, and some want to keep front pieces down to cover their forehead,” explains Christina Kirkey, owner of Pinup Studio. “We then ask for the theme of their wedding and where the wedding is taking place. If you are doing a beach wedding you are going to want the majority of your hair to be up, as it will be pretty windy!”

Wedding Beauty Timeline – One Month Out

We all know what we’re like when we don’t get enough sleep: bags and circles under our eyes, breakouts and an inability to focus. Make sure you’re getting at least eight hours of shut-eye the month leading up to your wedding so that your skin has time to repair itself. It will also help you have a clear head as the last details of your wedding day fall into place. Drinking plenty of water has the same benefits, too – it can even help energize you when you’re tired!

Wedding Beauty Timeline – One Week Out

Schedule, and show up ready!

Book appointments for nails, threading, waxing and/or spray tans for the last few days before your wedding. Avoid using heat on your hair the week leading up to the wedding to prep it. This will give you healthier and shinier hair, and who could ask for anything better? Try a moisturizing or deep conditioning mask a few days before the wedding day for extra shine. Then wash your hair the afternoon or evening before your wedding (instead of on the big day).

If the idea of planning all of your beauty appointments is daunting, take a deep breath! Make sure you’re taking some time to yourself before your big day. Spend time doing what you love, especially if it’s relaxing! Your phone might blow up with messages from excited family and friends, but remember to limit tech time and take time to unwind with your future spouse. Take a rest from all the notifications – your loved ones will understand if you don’t answer every text until after the wedding day. Using these steps to care for your skin and self in the months before your wedding will ensure you are that much more radiant the day of.

Wedding Beauty Timeline: Day-of Care

We all know the saying – “If you’re on time, you’re late!” Figure out about how much of a cushion you need around your time to get ready before the ceremony, and then add on a little more. You’ll want to have plenty of time for some final touch-ups, a few extra photos with your wedding party and a few deep breaths.

Now, Meet the Local NC Beauty Services!

For more information on the top local North Carolina wedding beauty vendors who will blow you away with their talent and professionalism, we’re here for you. Our list includes everything from lash extensions, spas, aesthetic providers and more.

The best advise we can give is: don’t wait until your wedding week to try new aesthetic or beauty treatments. Yes, your wedding is a great opportunity to try out a new regimen, but do plan in advance. Skin health in particular is a long term project, so don’t wait until the last month to start treatments. In fact, sometimes skin must adjust to new products. If there is ever a time to invest in spoiling your skin, it’s now! Decide on a plan and commit to it – whether it’s a monthly facial, three sessions of Microdermabrasion, or Botox treatments. There are a few great spas that we recommend in each nook of the Triangle for a wide assortment of beauty treatments that will relax you and leave you looking your best.

These established health and beauty vendors listed below are all familiar with women getting ready to walk down the aisle – they adore weddings. From tightening and toning your best assets, to spray tanning your way to a perfect wedding weekend, to making sure every strand of hair is well coiffed for your big day, our experts will help make you look your absolute best for your Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, or Cary, NC wedding!

Wedding beauty timeline Pinup Studio Raleigh NC Wedding Makeup
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Wedding beauty timeline Pinup Studio Raleigh NC Wedding Makeup
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