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Raleigh, NC Garden Wedding with Sudanese Tradition

Pastel Garden Muslim Wedding in Raleigh, NC by Java Rose Photography 

You might think that planning a wedding from out of state in just three months would be a nightmare. But not for Taqwa and Moaed. This modern couple channeled their inner peace and planned one of the most gorgeous pastel garden weddings we have ever seen. 

The theme? Calm garden with pastel wedding colors such as blush, baby blue, lavender, and white. Perfect for the serene landscape of Raleigh, NC wedding venue The Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve. Witness Taqwa and Moaed’s true love story through the lens of NC wedding photographer Java Rose Photography. Apsari Gulbeden, the woman behind the camera lens, specializes in bright and airy wedding photography. Her natural talent and genuine personality make her a dream wedding vendor to work with. 

Bride and Groom Veil in the Wind Pastel Colors Garden Wedding Photographers in Raleigh, NC and The Triangle Area Java Rose
PHOTOGRAPHER Java Rose Photography
White Lace Wedding Shoes and Details Perfume Bottle Diamond Jewelry Muslim Wedding Raleigh NC Java Rose
Beautiful Long Lace Sleeve White Bridal Gown in Window Pastel Peach Couch Garden Flowers for Muslim Wedding Java Rose
Green Outdoor Country Rustic Farm Wedding Venue The Meadows at Firefly Farm Preserve Raleigh NC Muslim Java Rose

Miss Independent Meets Mr. Forever, Taqwa and Moaed’s Love Story

You know the story. Beautiful and intelligent woman focused on accomplishing her dreams, not paying attention to her love life. Taqwa says it was the classic, “he is thinking about her but she’s clueless about it,” scenario. Then wham! Love hit Taqwa right between the eyes when she reconnected with Moaed. Once they realized that they were each other’s ‘forever’, an engagement was quickly in order. 

Taqwa and Moaed are the kind of couple who don’t hesitate when they know what they want. Can you relate? So much so, that the bride and groom planned their Raleigh, NC wedding three months after they got engaged. Holy matrimony! Keep scrolling to find out how they planned a gorgeous pastel garden wedding so quickly. 

Beautiful Henna Tattooed Bride Folded Hands on White Bridal Gown Muslim Wedding Traditions Raleigh NC Java Rose
PHOTOGRAPHER Java Rose Photography
Pink Satin Team Bride Robe with Champagne and White Pastel Pen for Garden Muslim Wedding Raleigh Java Rose
PHOTOGRAPHER Java Rose Photography
PHOTOGRAPHER Java Rose Photography
PHOTOGRAPHER Java Rose Photography

Whimsical Garden First Look of Bride Taqwa’s Muslim Wedding Dress

When it comes to planning a pastel garden wedding, Taqwa and Moaed nailed it. First, with this magical greenery covered tree swing. Tree swings are a whimsical and playful wedding decor piece that also serve as beautiful wedding portrait props. It was here that Moaed got a first glimpse of his bride in her stunning bridal gown. Taqwa chose a beautiful Muslim wedding dress featuring timeless long lace sleeves, a modest neckline, and a magnificent train. It is tradition for Muslim women and bride’s to cover their hair with elegant veils or hijabs as a symbol of modesty and privacy. Groom Moaed looks equally as amazing in his blue suit and tie and traditional Islamic attire. It’s easy to see the love that this bride and groom hold for one another in their wedding portraits by Java Rose Photography.

PHOTOGRAPHER Java Rose Photography

Whimsical Pastel Garden Wedding Reception in Raleigh, NC

Taqwa and Moaed made it their goal for wedding guests to feel an immediate sense of both class and calm as they walked into their wedding reception. Goal achieved. Their wedding reception tables featured rustic farm wood and tall gold vases filled with blush and white floral arrangements. This Raleigh, NC wedding reception captures the perfect balance of garden and chic. We love the special lounge areas for guests and the bride and groom to sit in and soak up all of the wedding splendor. Bride Taqwa describes her favorite moment,

“There was just a tiny moment during the reception where I looked out at all the loving people surrounding us and also my new groom and I just felt this overwhelming rush of gratefulness. I just couldn’t believe that we were able to make all this happen, and that I had finally found the person that fit me exactly right. It felt too good to be true. I was just really grateful.” 

PHOTOGRAPHER Java Rose Photography

Celebrating Traditional Sudanese Culture with The Jirtik Wedding Reception and Ceremony

Taqwa and Moaed wanted to honor their Sudanese culture with a traditional Jirtik wedding reception. The Jirtik celebration is the second part of a Sudanese reception. Traditionally, bright red and gold colors characterize the decor of the Jirtik ceremony. The bride dresses from head to toe in ornate golden jewelry and wears a red dress and toub. The toub is similar in style to a sari, as you can see by bride Taqwa’s Jirtik reception outfit. The groom wears a jelbab that is usually white with some embroidery that matches the red theme as well as a golden crescent on his forehead.

Traditional Rituals of The Jirtik Ceremony

During the Jirtik reception, an older female family member (or either the bride or groom’s aunt/mother etc.) performs the Jirtik ceremony. In this traditional Sudanese ceremony she places a large rosary around both the bride and groom which signifies unity. Throughout this ritual family and friends sing songs of well wishes as a Sudanese perfume is placed on both the bride and groom’s heads. Then the bride and groom throw candy out to the audience as well as sprinkling perfume on the audience. Finally, the bride drinks some milk or also sprays her groom with the milk signifying joyfulness and well wishes as an ode to one’s culture and family.

PHOTOGRAPHER Java Rose Photography
PHOTOGRAPHER Java Rose Photography

Thank you Taqwa and Moaed for sharing your beautiful Muslim wedding with Southern Bride & Groom and all of our viewers. We wish you a lifetime full of peace and happiness! Here are some priceless words of advice from bride Taqwa,  

“Think of at least one positive thing during each part of the process. Things may get overwhelming, and things can go wrong (even on the wedding day!) but it’s YOUR WEDDING and you only want to do this once. So you owe it to yourself to think of the positives along the way and enjoy something during each step of this wild ride.”

Want to see more of Java Rose Photography’s amazing wedding work? Check out this romantic fall wedding inspo.

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