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Live Painting

Live Wedding Painting Raleigh NC

A special way for a happy couple remember their first day of forever, is to commission a live wedding painting. We are so fortunate to be graced with a wonderful live wedding painter in the Raleigh Durham area of NC. This artist will come to the wedding reception and paint on-site, to the delight of your guests. To this extend, wedding painting can actually be considered a unique entertainment outlet for your guests. The painting will be of a pre-determined moment - the ceremony or the first dance, for example. There could not be a more special keepsake than an original work of art from your wedding day! Meet our favorite Raleigh NC live wedding painter, Ashley Triggiano.

This Creative Nest Live WEdding Painting Watercolor Art Gift Molliner Photography

Ashley Triggiano

Live Wedding Painting, Custom Watercolor Artwork and Stationery Illustrating your Love Story
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