Groom’s Guide to Wedding Photos

Tips on Wedding Poses for Men from a Durham Photographer

Mark Maya is a talented Durham-based wedding photographer and videographer who describes his style as unique and emotional. Mark has been documenting weddings for more than a decade. He enjoys capturing candid moments, understated details and the authentic love between two people. Plus, Mark doesn’t shy away from an adventurous photo shoot concept or location. He often travels for elopement weddings or photo shoots. In this blog he shares his best advice for grooms! If your partner isn’t the most comfortable in front of the lens and needs a posing tutorial, this is the resource they need. Mark shares his wealth of knowledge to help couples end up with incredible wedding day photos. 

Heads up – this blog is not what you expect. My guide to groom poses addresses the challenges that many of my male clients have when posing with their partners on their wedding day. This is about more than groom photo ideas, it’s also about expressing your authentic self and love in front of a camera lens. Many men are uncomfortable being ridiculously in love with their partners. Which is ironic because they’re celebrating exactly that with a wedding! To put it bluntly, a lot of men are too focused on themselves when it comes to wedding day photos. I hope this guide will help men be vulnerable and feel more comfortable during wedding photos on one of the most important days of their lives. 

Posing Tips for Grooms

Tip 1: Project confidence with love.

Men like to be seen as confident. Sometimes, that confidence can be taken a bit too far. Instead, practice finding fun-loving ways to be confident with your partner like making jokes, sexy conversations, dancing, tickling and flirting. 

This is what I ask of my male clients in order to draw out the best groom photos. 

If you want to be confident, then show the world that you don’t care if they see how in love you are with your partner. Especially on your wedding day!

Here’s a question to ponder: How can you show confidence with love?

Tip 2: Let go of how you look.

Most often, the eyes of your wedding guests will be on your partner. You should be more focused on how you can fill your partner with love than how you look because that’s what you want to project. If you are in a “loving mindset,” it will come through in your photos.  

How you look on your wedding day matters. But, as soon as you get dressed there is nothing else that you can change or control. So, let go of your insecurities because those will come across in photos!

Question to ponder: How do I want to look in my wedding photos?

Tip 3: Honestly … be sexier.

Lots of men are afraid to be sexy with their partners because they want to be accepted by male peers who might judge them as weak or feminine. The reality is quite the opposite. In fact, many men admire other men who can openly express a slightly more feminine side like allowing conversations to be silly, touching your partner’s body, saying loving things, singing, dancing, making art, etc.

The real key here is to be authentic and openly express your love. Practice both of these things well before your wedding day, and you will be a natural in front of the lens of any photographer or videographer.

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