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New Bern Riverfront Convention Center

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  • New Bern 203 S. Front Street 252-637-1551

New Bern Riverfront Convention Center – Modern NC Event Space with Unforgettable Waterfront Views

Allow us to introduce you to one of the most spectacular wedding venues in Eastern NC, the New Bern Riverfront Convention Center. Please note, this is NOT your typical convention center. Discover a newly-renovated, modern event space with oversized windows overlooking the river, right in the heart of downtown New Bern.

Large Weddings at the New Bern Riverfront Convention Center

The one thing about this New Bern wedding venue you might guess just from the name is that it can host LARGE events. The massive event space can be divided up into three separate ballrooms. Of these three, the largest subsection can host 500 guests. But, combine all three to host a wedding for 1,000 guests!

If you have a long guest list, this is a dream scenario. Alternately, you might want the ample space so you can make this venue into different event vignettes. For example, one area can be the ceremony space, another can be set up for cocktail hour and so on. With this large of a space, there is no need for a room flip.

Planning a Wedding in New Bern

Are your guests traveling from all over the country? Or, is your family flying from abroad? Introduce them to this quaint Southern town. New Bern NC is a wedding destination town on the rise.

Its quaint downtown mixed with riverside views and Southern hospitality are simply swoon-worthy. Also, it is filled to the brim with beautiful B&Bs. Which means, everything is walkable in the downtown area.

Take a peek at our Destination New Bern blog post to learn about the other vendors and shops that we recommend. They can help plan and bring to life your New Bern wedding!

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