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Living Floral Paintings Add Dimension to this Modern Tablescape

A Unique Tabletop with Citrus Shades of Lime Green, Orange and Yellow Wedding Flowers by Raleigh Florist, Bloom Works

Feel as if you’ve stepped into a magical dimension as you walk through this joyful floral design by Bloom Works, a top Raleigh wedding florist. In this delightfully modern tabletop design, a dark wood farm table is topped with white containers bursting with citrus shades of lime green, orange and yellow wedding flowers. The vibrant colors are mesmerizing – especially because even the walls are blooming! The table is flanked by ten foot tall paintings, with real live flowers springing from the canvas. This unique spring wedding inspiration has industrial details such as copper accents and custom metal chandeliers, that complement the warehouse venue.

This wedding inspiration was designed for an editorial in the 2019 edition of Southern Bride & Groom magazine design. The scene is set at The Cookery, one of the best warehouse wedding venues in Durham NC. The photos are all by one of our recommended local wedding photographers, Katherine Miles Jones Photography.

Spring Wedding Inspiration farm table with framed live florals at Warehouse venue Cookery Durham
Citrus Green Orange and Yellow Wedding Flowers at Warehouse venue by Raleigh florist Bloom Works
Citrus Spring Wedding with Green Orange and Yellow flowers in white containers by Bloom Works

Industrial Wedding Decor Ideas at The Cookery in Durham

This unique wedding look is a mix of elegant modern and industrial. Bloom Works worked with a top Raleigh party rental company, CE Rental. The deep brown farm table is perfect in the warm ballroom at the Durham Cookery, with its concrete floors and exposed brick walls. The clean white containers and dishware are matched with industrial decor details. These include the copper chargers, copper candle holders and bronze  wedding chairs. The lime green, orange and yellow wedding flowers pop off of these metallic decor accents.

Overhead, classic crystal chandeliers are covered with industrial metal buckets, and suspended from a wooden beam. These were custom made by Get Lit Event Lighting, the best wedding lighting specialist in Durham NC. Fun fact: Get Lit created those chandeliers for the Southern Bride & Groom client event at Bay 7 in 2018. That’s how over the top Dave Watson, the man behind Get Lit lighting in Durham NC, goes for his clients!

Industrial Bucket over Classic Crystal Chandelier Custom Made by Get Lit Event Lighting Durham
Industrial Rustic Spring Yellow Orange Lime Green Wedding by Raleigh Florist Bloom Works
Yellow Orange and Green Flowers on Copper Metal Chair at Industrial Durham wedding
Spring Wedding with Yellow Orange Wedding Flowers by Bloom Works on Industrial Metal chairs

Unique Wedding Decor Idea – Painting with Real Live Yellow Wedding Flowers Bursting from the Canvas

One of the most unique wedding ideas for a modern wedding are these original floral artworks designed by Raleigh NC Florist, Bloom Works. Two Giant Framed Sketches of floral arrangements in urns have real flowers bursting out of the paintings. The gold rimmed frames casually lean against the exposed brick wall of The Cookery, a warehouse venue in Durham NC. Doesn’t it make a great photo opp for the bride and groom?

Groom and Bride beside Unique Modern Wedding idea Giant Frame with painted urn and live yellow flowers
Unique Wedding Decor Idea Framed Art of Urn with Live Flowers bursting from the painting by Bloom Works
Claire Guentz in lace off the shoulder Pronovias bridal gown with yellow bouquet at Durham Cookery
Modern White Goblet and Copper Wedding Tabletop Decor on Farm Table from CE Rental Raleigh
Citrus Yellow Orange Green Wedding Flowers in white container on farm table

The wedding tabletop has a mix of modern and traditional elements. The farm table is mostly exposed, save for a white hem stitched linen runner. The linen holds the row of  orange, lime green and lemon yellow wedding flowers, which are arranged in white containers. To complete the white theme, white ribbons are tied around the industrial bronze metal wedding chairs from CE Rental.

Citrus Spring Wedding Inspiration with Green and Yellow Flowers in White Containers by Bloom Works Raleigh
Cream Ribbons and Citrus Flowers on the back of metal wedding chairs
Vintage Hem stitched White Linen on Durham NC Wedding Farm Table

Get The Look – Stephen and Claire Guentz Dazzle in Modern Fashion and Yellow Wedding Flowers

Local Raleigh fitness blogger Claire Guentz, and her husband Stephen, played the role of bride and groom on their first wedding anniversary month! And don’t they look fresh with their spring fashion looks and their yellow wedding flowers?

Bride Claire Guentz wears an off the shoulder lace Pronovias wedding dress. It is from the best bridal salon in Cary NC, Lana Addison Bridal. Her hair and makeup are styled by Bella Trio – a salon and spa that has two locations in Durham. She wears earrings from Bailey’s Fine Jewelry. Her vibrant yellow wedding bouquet is of course by Bloom Works.

Groom Stephen Guentz wears a fitted navy suit from Bernard’s Formalwear, which is located on 9th Street in Durham. This fitted look is super popular for today’s grooms. We love how the navy color looks with the yellow bow tie and boutonniere – it’s a primary color match!

Groom and Bride Claire Guentz in Pronovias with yellow bouquet at The Cookery Durham venue
Industrial Elegant Wedding at The Cookery Durham warehouse venue
Chandelier Menus from Cute Buttons on Copper chargers and Yellow Wedding Flowers
Citrus Yellow Flowers by Bloom Works and industrial wedding decor on farm table from CE Rental for Durham NC Wedding
Stephen and Claire Guentz with yellow bouquet by Bloom Works Raleigh and yellow boutonniere
Spring wedding bouquet in Yellow and Orange flowers by Raleigh florist Bloom Works
Bride and Groom beside giant framed artwork of a floral arrangement with Live Flowers by Bloom Works

We adore the citrus shades of orange, green and yellow wedding flowers by Bloom Works. The SB&G Floral Editorial touched on every color of the rainbow in our tabletop inspiration editorial. This is part two of our series, and more is on its way in the coming weeks. If you missed the first installation, check out this romantic neutral palette.

And if you are loving Bloom Works and want to see more, check out the floral wreath under a giant oak tree that they designed in all shades of pink!

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