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Finding Happily Ever After Even During a Pandemic

Cynthia Rose Photography Captures Beautiful Beaufort, NC Elopement 

Alex and Olivia had it all planned out: saying “I do” at a beautiful, 17th-century villa in Tuscany, Italy. Planning the wedding became somewhat of a second job for the couple. They even made a website dedicated to all of the extravagant details. However, as is the case for so many couples this year, their wedding date was double-booked with someone named Corona … so with the help of Cynthia Rose Photography they made other plans.

The couple rescheduled their Tuscany wedding for next September. However, after dating for eight years and being engaged for two years, the couple was more than ready to be married. So they did just that. While it wasn’t what they drew up, their elopement in Beaufort turned out to be a wonderful day filled with celebration and happiness. Cynthia Rose Photography captured every single special moment. As Olivia said, “The wedding isn’t about the dress you wear, the food you eat, or the exit sparklers. It’s about you and your partner committing your lives to one another and basking in the joy of that with those you love most.” 

Intimate Court House Wedding Beaufort, NC Elopement by Cynthia Rose Photography

College Sweethearts Find Their Happily Ever After 

This story couldn’t get any cuter. A football player met a cheerleader and a love story for the ages began. It was the second week of college when the midwestern boy and southern girl were first introduced to one another. Alex was caught off guard because his priorities for college were clear: school and football. However, he couldn’t resist Olivia. He said, “the timing wasn’t right for me but turns out…it was perfect for us. Looking back, my own stubbornness almost cost me. Luckily, Olivia’s stubbornness wouldn’t allow for that!”

Their engagement is equally as cute as their story. In June 2018, Alex completely surprised Olivia. He got down on one knee in front of the Flatiron Building, Olivia’s absolute favorite building in all of Manhattan. He told her that there was an important “goodbye” that they both needed to attend before they left for their Italian vacation. She had no idea he would do it on that day because she was guessing he would propose in Italy.

The couple crossed in front of the Flatiron and Alex held Olivia’s hands in his. Before she knew it, Olivia had a ring on her finger. As they hugged, Olivia heard the clicking of a camera shutter. As it turns out, they weren’t the only ones present for this special moment. Olivia’s dear friend Carrie was able to document it! Alex reached out to Carrie on a Monday and within an hour of him doing so, her flight was booked for Thursday. Carrie even captured the look on Olivia’s face when she realized that her friend was there. The two high school friends hadn’t seen one another for two and a half years. Talk about sentimental!

Ring Exchange Court House Bride and Groom Beaufort, NC Elopement by Cynthia Rose Photography

White Calla Lilies for Olivia’s Guardian Angel 

Alex and Olivia have truly been there for one another through the hardest times. Olivia lost her mom, Patricia Lanier about 5 years ago. Patricia was sick and she passed away too early their senior year. Alex was the calm and steady force that helped his, now wife, through the worst days. 

Patricia has certainly been there in spirit for Olivia’s big life moments. The most special coincidence is that Alex and Olivia’s mom share the same birthday. Patricia also made it possible for Carrie to take the couple’s engagement photos. Carrie said that Olivia’s mom played an integral role in the surprise purchase of a new camera for Carrie. Her other camera had been stolen her senior year of high school. 

On the wedding day in Beaufort, Patricia’s spirit was present too. In honor of her mom, Olivia requested a white calla lily bouquet. This was the main decoration that she wanted. And so, this meaningful detail was the main “theme” for the wedding. 

Sentimental Wedding Signs Honoring the Deceased Beaufort, NC Elopement by Cynthia Rose Photography
Meaningful Bridal Bouquet Honoring the Deceased Beaufort, NC Elopement by Cynthia Rose Photography

Wedding Day Captured by Cynthia Rose Photography

Although it wasn’t the wedding they originally planned, July 2, 2020 was such a beautiful day. Cynthia Rose Photography was there to capture every special detail. Their vibrant and sophisticated photographs tell this love story perfectly. 

Alex and Olivia hopped out of a 1957 Rolls Royce Princess and strolled into the Carteret County Magistrate’s Office. Olivia’s dad, Hugh Lanier, surprised the couple with this awesome ride. Olivia looked absolutely stunning in her elegant Amsale gown with her fresh calla lilies. It just so happens that they were the magistrate’s lucky couple number seven to be married that day! Afterward, Alex and Olivia made sure to send some selfies to their friends on the car ride back.

The reception took place in Olivia’s dad’s backyard that overlooked Bogue Sound. The small casual event included Alex’s parents, Frank and Kanani Bales, and the rest of the couple’s immediate families. The maid of honor, the best man and a very important guest- Olvia’s goldendoodle, Mr. Big- were also at the celebration. Everything was outside and while social distancing, everyone enjoyed pizza, spaghetti and homemade mixed drinks. 

Cynthia and Victor not only took stunning photographs for Alex and Olivia, but they did so in less than 24 hours notice. This husband and wife team couldn’t get any more impressive!

Elegant Bride and Groom Dockside Dancing Beaufort, NC Elopement by Cynthia Rose Photography
Cute American Flag Wedding Dog Beaufort, NC Elopement by Cynthia Rose Photography

Alex and Olivia typically live and work in New York City, but they’ve been making the most of the COVID WFH situation by “summering” in Beaufort. To see more love stories captured by Cynthia Rose Photography, click here

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