Ariel Kaitlin Photography

Ariel Kaitlin Photography

Colorful Moments for Humans who Believe in Adventure


Ariel Kaitlin Photography offers natural light photography that captures the joy that emanates from a couple in love. Based in Pittsboro, they serve the entire state and beyond. This bright, colorful imagery beautifully captures your wedding day as it happens while also putting your brilliant smiles on full display in your portraits.

We love that Ariel Kaitlin Photography doesn’t take themselves too seriously. They believe that the best photos are the belly laughs, inside jokes and even piggy-back rides while you’re running around just goofing off with one another. They laugh alongside couples and love being goofballs together because doing so allows them to capture you and your partner’s personalities as individuals and the unique connection you share.

Meet Ariel Kaitlin Photography – a Duo with Adventurous Spirits, an LGBTQIA friendly mission, and an RV ready to travel to your wedding!

Both Ariel and her trusted partner Alex come from science backgrounds. Ariel worked as a virologist for several years and studied cells in cancer research. Alex still works as an engineer. Often they will find themselves “nerding out” with couples who work in similar fields! Alex and Ariel’s methodical and detail-oriented science jobs were a key component in helping them create orderly wedding day timelines while also capturing all the special moments when the chaos of a wedding day gets underway. Ariel and Alex also live a slightly different lifestyle than most as they recently started living the RV life to help make adventuring with their two pups easier. As an added bonus, it makes traveling for weddings easier, too!

One of the most important elements of Ariel Kaitlin Photography is inclusivity. Love is love and Ariel and Alex deeply believe love is a strong connection and conscious choice in a partner to share the adventure of life with. They believe that a crucial part of this is that love should be celebrated regardless of who you love, how you look or where you’re from. Ariel Kaitlin Photography uses gender-neutral language or your preferred pronouns throughout their communication.

Wedding Day Details

Ariel and Alex work together as a team. All of Ariel Kaitlin Photography’s wedding collections range from eight to 10 hours of coverage from both photographers. The 10 hour collection includes both a wedding day album to preserve your memories in hard copy and an adventure engagement session where Ariel and Alex travel with you within five hours of the Triangle area to capture your love at a unique destination! Ariel and Alex currently have a goal to photograph a couple in every North Carolina state park and are hoping for more adventure engagement sessions in their future!


Bride Surrounded by coral and Neutral flowers by Ariel Kaitlin Photography

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