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Bestow Baked Goods

Make the Moments that Matter a Little Sweeter


Bestow Baked Goods offer custom wedding cakes in the Raleigh-Durham region of NC. Owner Heather Sutton is best known for her broad range of delicious flavor combinations.

All cakes start at an affordable price point of $6 per serving. Additional fees apply for special orders. Bestow Baked Goods decorates all cakes exclusively in an Italian meringue buttercream that’s smooth, light and not overly sweet. This is the perfect complement to the indulgent flavors.

Working with Bestow Baked Goods for Your Raleigh NC Wedding Cake

Couples that select Bestow Baked Goods for their wedding cake can start the process by filling out a wedding cake inquiry form online. After this is complete, couples have the opportunity to order a wedding cake tasting box filled with five of Bestow’s most popular cake flavors. The flavors in the tasting box often rotate seasonally, but always include Bestow’s most popular flavors: sweet potato cake and a vanilla cake option.

Once you’ve had the chance to sample cakes, the next step is to schedule a virtual cake consultation to talk about details. Here, share your color palette, floral arrangements and other decor details.

For example, are you going for a dark and moody vibe? Or, are you more into bright colors and whimsical elements? Are they bold and modern or classic and elegant? Whatever your personal style is, Bestowed Baked Goods will reflect that in the wedding cake.

Advice from Heather Sutton of Bestow Baked Goods

Heather Sutton is the founder and owner of Bestow Baked Goods. When it comes to choosing how to display your wedding cake, Heather has some expert insight. “I love a simple wedding cake stand when it comes to a cake display because I think it is a beautiful way to elevate the wedding cake without taking too much attention away from it. We at Bestow Baked put so much time and effort into bringing couple’s vision to life. We want to be sure to put it on display!”

“I always chuckle a bit when couples tell me that their assumption is that guests won’t really eat the wedding cake,” Heather adds. “That’s not the feedback that I’ve gotten from clients at all! I’ve heard many times that guests talk about how good the cake was long after the wedding is over!” While Heather strives to create beautiful cakes, she’s also put a lot of effort into developing many cake flavors so that couples can choose from a wide variety of delicious options. When it comes to picking your wedding cake flavor, Heather says, choose the one that you’ll be most excited to bite into on your wedding day!


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