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Hummingbird Harmonies

Hummingbird Harmonies

Wedding Harpist Creating Elegance through Music


Hummingbird Harmonies is a wedding harpist in NC. Owner Sarah Cavaiani is a lifelong musician, and has been playing harp at weddings since she was 15 years old. Today she plays anything from classical music to Top 40 hits for wedding ceremonies in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and across North Carolina. This is a wedding musician who can bring any style to your big day. With a place on many preferred vendor lists, Sarah coordinates with couples, planners, venues, and other vendors to create a seamless experience for couples and their guests.

Hummingbird Harmonies – Wedding Harpist in NC

A Wisconsin native, Sarah Cavaiani now shares her beautiful music across the mid-Atlantic. With a special love of performing a weddings, she has mastered the musicianship, timing, and delivery. With the hundreds of weddings she has played, Sarah has the expert adaptability required for live events. Elevate your wedding and “wow” your guests with live music. The harp is perfect for NC wedding ceremonies, and cocktail hour.

Ceremony or Wedding Weekend Harpist Packages

Hummingbird Harmonies offers four distinct wedding packages. Start with an inquiry for your wedding date – and ask Sarah about wedding ceremony harpist packages. From there, she can share a range of packages from the lever harp to full-service wedding weekends with the concert harp. Custom packages are available too. For example, you might wish to have tunes by a Raleigh harpist as your wedding guests arrive at the weekend welcome party at the hotel. Your wedding should be a reflection of you – Hummingbird Harmonies is here to help.

Customized Wedding Ceremony Soundtrack by Hummingbird Harmonies

You’ve probably scrolled through dozens of inspiration photos on Instagram. Maybe you’ve attended friends’ weddings and taken notes on their ideas. After a while, they all seem to blend together. You’re looking to make your event stand out and create lasting memories for both you and your guests.

Cue Hummingbird Harmonies. With a particular focus on song variety, Sarah will enhance your wedding by making it a true reflection of you as a couple, not a “Top 10 Wedding Songs” playlist. You’ve customized your flowers, your menu, and your rings. Did you ever think you’d have your pick of music from an NC harpist? Hummingbird Harmonies will blow you away.


Hummingbird Harmonies, wedding harpist in NC

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