Richard Barlow Photography

Richard Barlow Photography

Luxury Photographer with an Editorial Style


Richard Barlow Photography is one of the best luxury wedding photographers in Raleigh. His style has a distinct editorial flair. With an artistic style and knack for composition, Richard will zone in on the most incredible scenes of your wedding day for non-traditional portraits. He will enthusiastically capture the special moments of your day, and show you in your absolute best light.

Heart of NC Weddings magazine has known Richard for many years and have watched his work evolve. He is truly a creative genius who has hit his stride and producing incredible work – which has even graced our cover! Yet, he is also one of the most laid back, kind guys you will ever meet – and the enjoyment he gets out of his job shines.

About Richard Barlow Photography

Richard Barlow had a career in architecture before he became an NC wedding photographer. He worked at MHA Works in Durham. There, he got into photography by shooting the projects.

This office happened to be next door to our magazine office in downtown Durham. Richard popped in one day to pick up a copy of the latest issue, because he’d heard one of his photos was in it. Sure enough, this was the same guy that one of our trusted venue coordinators had recommended to us. We struck up a friendship quickly.

Over the next couple of years, Richard’s talent with the camera made him a highly sought after wedding photographer. Quickly, he resigned from architecture to be a full-time photographer. One of the things we love about him is that while his style is general crisp, he can do anything. So, feel free to request moody, natural light, or fine art styles. Now, he is regarded as a top wedding photographer in the Raleigh-Durham region.

“I love being granted access to peoples’ hearts and souls, and given the honor of photographing it for them,” says Richard. “This exclusive honor comes with a great deal of responsibility, and I take that very seriously.”

Richard Barlow Photography shoots Boudoir

Take note, even if you have never thought that you could be open to a bridal boudoir session, we recommend that you check out the Barlow Boudoir portfolio. Richard Barlow’s work is modern and tasteful and is a perfect addition to any wedding photography package.


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