S. Richardson Cakes

S. Richardson Cakes

Wedding and Dessert Bakery in Durham


S. Richardson Cakes is our go-to recommendation for wedding cakes and desserts in Durham NC. Stephanie Richardson’s art education has served her well as the one-woman baker and owner of S. Richardson Cakes. She first stumbled upon her passion for cake decorating while working at a bakery after college. Stephanie has been the lead cake designer at a couple of bakeries, so our Heart of NC Weddings team has known her and her talents for nearly a decade.

Today, Stephanie bakes and decorates every single confection ordered from S. Richardson Cakes by herself. Her repertoire includes chocolate mousse, Southern red velvet, fun-fetti, summer citrus, Mexican hot chocolate and many more flavors of cake. Or you can choose to mix and match a variety of desserts and create a bar covered in cupcakes, cookies and parfaits.

“Personally, I would love to see a mini dessert buffet at a wedding since cake is my least favorite dessert,” Stephanie confesses. Decide for yourself with a take-home tasting box.

Q+A with Stephanie Richardson of S Richardson Cakes  

What is your most popular cake flavor or dessert?

I make a sweet potato praline cake with pecan praline filling, which is my favorite, and it is so decadent. If North Carolina was a cake, it would be this flavor!

Do you have any wedding dessert display tips for couples? 

I think going with a dessert buffet and small personalized boxes or bags is a great idea for guests who don’t want to leave the dance floor. They can pack up something sweet on their way out the door.

What wedding dessert trends are you seeing and loving? 

I think the dessert table trend is still a popular one and will stick around for a while. It gives guests lots of options if they aren’t a fan of wedding cake. I personally would love seeing a mini dessert buffet at a wedding since cake is my least favorite dessert!

How are you making wedding planning easy / fun for couples? 

I am still doing take-home tasting boxes for couples to enjoy at their leisure. I think it is a fun thing they can incorporate into a date night or after-dinner dessert.

What’s your favorite part of a wedding? 

I love first walking into a venue on the wedding day and seeing everything the couple has dreamed of during planning come together. I love when couples really show their unique personalities in their wedding day themes and decor!


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