Saladelia Cafe and Catering

Saladelia Cafe and Catering

Lebanese-inspired cafe and catering based in Durham


Saladelia has been a fixture in Durham since opening its brick-and-mortar cafe near the current site of University Hill in 1988. Owners Fida Ghanem and Robert Ghanem serve seasonal menus inspired by their Lebanese roots. Menus always include freshly baked bread and are cooked with locally sourced ingredients.

Saladelia Cafe and Catering – Fresh, Mediterranean Cuisine Based in Durham

Saladelia’s empire has grown to several locations on Duke University and UNC’s campuses and a second cafe in Durham. The catering side of the business offering hors d’oeuvres like mini chicken biscuits, stuffed mushrooms and mezze charcuterie platters. Saladelia is known for their entrees like stuffed balsamic pomegranate chicken with caramelized onions, roasted potatoes and the cafe’s signature house-made focaccia. When it comes to sweet treats to finish off the night, Saladelia’s menu includes mini brownies, cheesecake bites and more – but be sure to check out Saladelia’s sister business, The Mad Hatter’s Cafe & Bakeshop, for elegant custom wedding cake designs.