Udeshi Hargett Ensembles

Udeshi Hargett Ensembles

Create the Ultimate Romantic Atmosphere for Your Wedding


Udeshi Hargett is an award-winning professional violinist. She is the anchor of a team that brings live wedding music to NC. Meet Udeshi Hargett Ensembles and find professional musicians and entertainment. Book stringed duos, trios and quartets for a classic combo. Or, consider an eclectic mix with piano, guitar and vocals. Udeshi will guide you to the perfect package, to add romance and ambiance to your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or reception.

About Udeshi Hargett

Udeshi has a vast amount of professional experience, and has performed at several hundred weddings since 2001. Her exceptional musicality and talent have earned her numerous awards and recognition from academic institutions and within the world of weddings.

Udeshi is based in Raleigh, but has traveled all across North Carolina and to destinations all over the world to perform. You can hire Udeshi to play solo, or with other musicians (duos, trios or quartets) depending on your desired music and atmosphere. This is her full time gig, and her passion shows.

The team at Heart of NC Weddings has known Udeshi for years. Typically, she’s smiling away and playing her heart out on violin. We always stop to admire her music, and she smiles and chats. We adore this lady, and know you will, too.

Udeshi Hargett Ensembles – Experience Professional Live Wedding Musicians and Classical Violinist

Why hire a musician for your ceremony or reception? Music can make or break the atmosphere of your event. It’s important to hire a professional who knows how to work with the timing and structure of a wedding.

Most often, Udeshi books string duos, trios and quartets. Stringed instruments include violi, viola, piano, organ, harp, cello, upright base, and classical guitar. Additionally, her ensembles include vocals, organ, flute, trumpet, and saxophone.

Not sure how to combine? Don’t worry, Udeshi will guide you based on your needs and budget.

Modern Meets Classical Music for Your NC Wedding

When you hire Udeshi, you’ll meet with her in person to get to know her and discuss your musical needs. You’ll also talk about what genre of music you desire and what specific songs you might like her to perform.

Udeshi works with each couple to personalize song lists – she can perform anything from pop to classical songs and even fiddle tunes.


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