Wedding Videography FAQs

Your Wedding Videography Questions Answered

Relive your wedding in five, 10, 30 years down the road. Let your future family walk down the aisle with you. Pre-wedding, ceremony, post-ceremony and reception shots will recap your big day. Afterward, your videographer should provide a beautifully edited highlight video to share with others, as well as a longer keepsake version. Book a videographer to capture and tell your wedding story in motion. Research local videographers and watch their highlight videos to find one who matches your aesthetic.

Book your videographer 8-12 months prior to your wedding date. Average videography packages can vary between $1,800 and $7,000. Our recommended vendors, Thomas Blake Films and Mark Maya Photography & Videography, also offer drone footage of your big day!

Why hire a wedding videographer?

“For most couples, their wedding might be the only day that all of their closest friends and family are together in one place. There are so many special moments that are too important to lose forever. Whether you tear up seeing the person you are about to marry come down the aisle, get choked up saying your vows or someone shares a hilarious toast, there are a thousand little moments on a wedding day you will want to relive.” – Thomas Blake

“Wedding videographers will capture the moments that couples forget happened. I’ve heard couples say, ‘I didn’t remember that moment,’ after watching their wedding film. It makes sense, because they were running around getting hitched! They weren’t remembering every little special moment. That’s what the videographer is for.” – Mark Maya

What’s your favorite part of the wedding day to capture on video?

“When a couple writes personal vows to each other, I always know that their film is going to be even more special for them. The more of your personalities that are part of the wedding day, the better; it’s what makes your wedding unique to you.” – Thomas Blake

Why wedding videography?

“I love how I get to stitch together each piece of a film for my couples. And knowing it will take them back to those magical moments where they get to relive their special day. It is an emotional experience for me to create films for couples because I end up being very close friends with them on the wedding day.” – Mark Maya

You can find a complete list of our recommended wedding videographers here!

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