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The Power of Boudoir

Should I Have a Bridal Boudoir Session? Why Boudoir Photography is a Source of Female Empowerment for Every NC Bride to Be!

Traditionally, boudoir photography captured scenes of women dressed in erotic clothing or lingerie while posing in their bedroom or an intimate space. These photos were then presented as a gift from women to their romantic partner before their wedding or an anniversary. Now that you have some historical background information, let’s bring it back to the year 2019.

Today, women are doing bridal boudoir photo sessions for their own personal affirmation and empowerment. Photographing daring and sensual photos of oneself gives women a sense of reclamation – boudoir is the process of women reclaiming their bodies and power. While some women still want to gift their boudoir photos to their fiance, many women are taking the photos for themselves or hosting a bridal boudoir party to empower their entire girl squad!

Classy Black and White Sheer Veil Bridal Boudoir Photo in Bed by Barlow Boudoir
Soft Light and Airy White Lingerie Bridal Boudoir Photo on Bed by Barlow Boudoir
Modest Black and White Silhouette Sheer Robe Bridal Boudoir Photo
Bride Sitting on Bed Covered in Sheer Veil Soft Lighting Modest Barlow Boudoir

Boudoir is For Every Bride to Be 

Another thing that sets boudoir far apart from pornographic imagery or art nude photography, is the women and clothing. Everyone can do boudoir photography. Let me repeat myself, boudoir is for everyone! You do not have to be a model to participate in boudoir photography. Boudoir is now entrenched in the social movement of body positivity. Body positivity declares that all human bodies are beautiful in their uniqueness, and that while we redefine our own body image, we need to become more accepting of the bodies of others.  

White Country Chic Lace Top and Long Curls Bridal Boudoir Photo Barlow Boudoir
Conservative White Sweater Dress on Bedroom Floor by Window Barlow Boudoir
Casual Sleepy Bridal Boudoir Photo with It Was All a Dream Quote in Neon Lights Barlow Boudoir
Playful Flirty Bedroom Laughter Soft White Lingerie Barlow Boudoir

Boudoir Style and Theme – Make it Your Own! 

You do not have to wear a g-strap to take a boudoir photo. Bridal boudoir photo sessions can range in style and theme. The decision is yours! Someone may want to do a boudoir photo session in classic lingerie, but many women are leaning more towards conservatively flirty photo sessions. Think fun and sexy Marilyn Monroe, not bad and scary softcore porno.

Your boudoir style is your preference. Whether you go for a sexy serious photo session staring out your bedroom window or a pajama party pillow fight, boudoir is a strictly judgement free zone.

Style and theme ideas for a bridal party boudoir photo session:

  • Pool party
  • Lazy morning lover
  • Motorcycle babes
  • Countryside chic
  • Fitness and finesse
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Denim and lace
  • Secret garden girl
  • Pajama party
  • I’m so fancy
  • Vintage Chic
Flirty Playful Boudoir Photo on the Bed with Pink and Red Rose Petals Barlow Boudoir
Vintage Chic 40s Style Themed Bridal Boudoir Sheer Veil and Lucious Couch Barlow Boudoir
Sexy White Lace Body Positive Woman with Teal Wall Barlow Boudoir
Gretta Handley Nance Portrait Light and Airy White Veil Smiling Raleigh NC Barlow Boudoir
Sensual and Sweet Valentines Day Bridal Boudoir with Red Roses and Heart Sweater off Shoulder
Sexy Sweet Valentine's Day Themed Boudoir with White Lace Lingerie and Red Roses Barlow Boudoir

How Does a Boudoir Photo Session Work?

Boudoir photographers are professionals who treat their clients with respect and care. When you book your bridal boudoir photo session, your photographer will ask you where you feel most comfortable and safe taking the photos, as well as what style and theme you would like to embody. Boudoir photographers prioritize their clients style, requests, and budget.

Fun Summertime Flirty Bathing Suit Boudoir Sipping Cocktail Poolside Barlow Boudoir
Silly Jumping on the bed women in Black and white plaid with confetti Barlow Boudoir
Plaid Black and White Conservative Bedroom Legs Crossed Barlow Boudoir
Black and White Plaid Confetti Laying on the Bed Barlow Boudoir
Black and Yellow Army T Shirt and Underwear on the Bed Boudoir Photo by Barlow Boudoir
Black and yellow Army T Shirt Lingerie and Belly Button Ring Boudoir Photo on Bed Barlow Boudoir
Pilot Themed Portrait Necktie and Navy Suit Jacket Raleigh NC Barlow Boudoir

The Power of Boudoir

At the end of the day, the power of boudoir is in you. By booking a bridal boudoir photo session you are reclaiming your body and celebrating its beauty and sensuality. Whether it is for you alone, for your girl squad, or for your soulmate – boudoir is a source of self-affirmation and female empowerment. When we were little, we were taught that our bodies had to be physically perfected in order to please men. Time to rewrite the story. Our bodies are perfect just the way they are, and they are not intended to be used or subjugated for anyone else’s pleasure except our own. Boudoir photo sessions are one way to take back your body, your confidence, and your sexiness.

Experience the freedom and power yourself.

Fitness Body Positive Strong Boudoir Photo Black and White Barlow Boudoir
Black and White Fitness Themed Boudoir Photo Shoot at the Gym
Nature Style and Themed Boudoir in Waterfall under Rocky Cliffs Barlow Boudoir
Country Chic Outdoor Boudoir Cut off Jean Shorts and White Flowy Shirt Barlow Boudoir
Fun and Fierce Bachelorette Boudoir Session Country Outdoor Cut off Jeans and Lace Bralettes Barlow Boudoir
Silly Champagne Shower for Flirty Bachelorette Bridal Party Boudoir in the Countryside Outdoor Barlow Boudoir
Serious Bridal Boudoir Photo in Bridal Veil from Alexias Raleigh NC Barlow Boudoir
Urban Rooftop Boudoir Photo Overlooking Raleigh Skyline Alexias Bridal Barlow Boudoir
Chic Sexy White Bathrobe and Champagne Glass Barlow Boudoir

Best Raleigh NC Boudoir Photographer – Barlow Boudoir Specializes in Bridal and More

ALL of the photographs in this post are by our Southern Bride & Groom recommended boudoir photographer. Based in Raleigh, NC, Barlow Boudoir is known for modern boudoir. As you can see, his work is quite different from the traditional style that you may envision. That’s why he is in major demand for bridal boudoir, bachelorette boudoir and more, here in the Raleigh-Durham area. He is also a wedding photographer – check out Richard Barlow Photography too.

If you can’t get enough of Barlow Boudoir, check out this boudoir post with more of his work.

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