About the 2022 Cover: Ethereal Romance

Heart of NC Weddings 2022 Cover: Featuring Rivini by Rita Vinieris at Heights House Hotel in Raleigh NC

Here are all of the details about the cover of Heart of NC Weddings 2022, which features a Rivini wedding dress by Rita Vinieris from White of Raleigh!⁠

We are completely in love with this cover image. A phenomenal wedding magazine cover is not only eye-catching, but also warm, inviting and joyous. This photo encapsulates all those elements, and it’s easy to see why our team was swept away by it. And that dress really steals the show, doesn’t it?

Jillian Knight Photography captured this blissful golden hour moment between Trevor Thomas Wilson, who looks dashing in a polka-dot tuxedo from Bernard’s Formalwear of Durham NC, and Rheanna Reid in Rita Vinieris’ Rivini “Ross” wedding dress from White of Raleigh. Reign Beauty led the hair and makeup styling for the models. These looks were captured during the Heart of NC Weddings 2022 fashion editorial photo shoot at Heights House Hotel in Raleigh.

Click here to view the digital edition of Heart of NC Weddings 2022. Stay tuned for more fashion editorial inspiration, which will be released on our blog in January 2022.

Heart of NC Weddings Cover 2022 Rivini Wedding Dress by Rita Vinieris from White of Raleigh Heights House Bernard's Bailey's Fine Jewelry Reign Beauty Jillian Knight

About the 2022 Cover Look: Rivini by Rita Vinieris from White of Raleigh

We swooned over the Rita Vinieris dress when the White of Raleigh team showed us their stash of gowns. This gown,”Ross” by Rivini, arrived at the downtown Raleigh wedding dress shop on sample that September week, and store manager Molly Burchins decided it was destined for the Heart of NC Weddings fashion editorial.

Rivini by Rita Vinieris “Ross” is a ballgown with a V-neck bodice. The natural waist spills out to a layered tulle, ballgown skirt. White of Raleigh is the only wedding dress shop in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill area that carries Rita Vinieris. 

Our model Rheanna was surrounded by an entourage everywhere she walked in that gown. At least one person (usually Molly) trailed behind her holding the train, and a handful of others stayed close in face masks with their phones out to document the mesmerizing beauty!

The bride’s jewelry is from Bailey’s Fine Jewelry, which was photographed in the indoor scene at the Heights House honeymoon suite. Reign Beauty, an amazing local hair and makeup team, styled a romantic loose updo for Rhe – which showed off the lovely neckline of the Rivini gown.

About the 2022 Cover Look: Modern Tux from Bernard’s Formalwear

Our groom model, Trevor, looked handsome in an uber-modern tuxedo from Bernard’s Formalwear. The black-and-white polka-dot accent is a stand-out style. Perhaps his wedding party would wear simple, solid black attire, so that his look pops even more?

Bernard’s Formalwear is located on Ninth Street in Durham and services betrothed couples from across the entire Triangle; it even has a sister company in the Wilmington area. This decades-old trusted shop has top-of-the-line suits and tuxedos for rent or for purchase. They are inclusive and love to help couples get ready for their special day.

About the 2022 Cover: Jillian Knight Photography Curates the Scene at Heights House Hotel

Jillian Knight of Jillian Knight Photography has everything to do with the curation of this cover image as well as our entire fashion editorial. A Raleigh-based fine art photographer, Jillian is a woman with a vision. She articulated a wedding fashion editorial that featured vignettes of a variety of couples. Heights House Hotel, an immaculately renovated historic home formerly known as Montfort Hall in the Boylan Heights neighborhood of Raleigh, was the perfect setting. With Jillian’s guidance, we planned a full-day editorial photo shoot that showcased magical lighting in each nook of this boutique hotel – inside and out. With such a wide variety of fashion looks that we document – from two grooms paired in coordinating tuxedos, to parents’ fashion, to oversized ballgowns like the cover dress by Rivini Rita Vinieris – this kind of vision is crucial.

Editorial shoot director Becca Taylor led the Heart of NC Weddings team and a full house of wedding dress shop owners, jewelers, models, stylists and even a floral team through a smooth and productive day. We cannot wait to share more of that photo shoot content in a follow-up blog post with more shots from each wedding fashion look.

About the 2022 Cover: Meet the Models 

Trevor Thomas Wilson and Rheanna Ried have modeled together with UC Models since 2018. Although the pair are just friends, they share a genuine love for their craft and each other. We invited 12 people from the community to participate as models in addition to these two seasoned professionals. Most of the models featured are not pros, but are local creatives, bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs and supporters of Heart of NC Weddings.   

“The Reign Beauty team was spot on and created a different beauty experience for me,” says model Rheanna Ried. “I totally loved my hair, and the makeup was flawless. I felt like a princess in the White of Raleigh layered bubble, tulle dress, and the flow of the dress allowed me to move with comfort.”

“My black-and-white polka dot tuxedo from Bernard’s Formalwear was perfection,” says model Trevor Thomas Wilson. “Our look together was simply amazing. We had fun being paired and would be able to dance the night away with ease.”

REIGN beauty, white of raleigh at heights house bathtub
Heights House Hotel Bride 2022 Cover Rivini Wedding Dress by Rita Vinieris from White of Raleigh Jilian Knight

About the 2022 Cover: Behind the Scenes with Heart of NC Weddings 

Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos with this look at our 2022 fashion editorial photo shoot. The shoot day was coordinated by Heart of NC Weddings Editorial Shoot Director Becca Taylor and photographed by Jillian Knight Photography. Stay tuned for the full fashion editorial, which will be released on our blog soon.

In the weeks leading up to Sept. 7, 2021, our team carefully planned timelines, discussed color palettes and studied the Heights House Hotel’s floor plan. Becca led this styled shoot alongside enthusiastic creatives wearing face masks. We arrived at 9 a.m. that morning to check the models in and let Reign Beauty begin their work. Hair tools, makeup brushes and delicate floral jewelry made by Folie à Deux Events covered dining room tables. Meanwhile, racks of gorgeous gowns lay waiting in the guest suite. We transformed each participating model into a completely new wedding look every 30 minutes, which ensured that every bridal salon, formalwear store and jeweler in attendance got to shine in front of Jillian Knight’s camera lens.

Honeymoon Suite Molly 2022 Cover Rivini Wedding Dress by Rita Vinieris from White of Raleigh Jenna

More Heart of NC Weddings 2022 fashion inspiration will be released on our blog in early 2022 … stay tuned!

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