An Event Lady Production Creates a Fairytale Glam Wedding

A Glamorous Day in Greensboro Planned by An Event Lady Production

Bobbielynn and Arthur met in 2008 as students at Fayetteville State University. Arthur, who was born in Rochester, New York, and raised in Greensboro, approached Fayetteville native Bobbielynn on a bridge outside the library and asked for her number. The pair began dating, and on one special Christmas morning, Arthur presented Bobbielynn with a present he had “forgotten” to put under the tree: an engagement ring. The special, emotional moment was shared in the presence of their daughter, Natalia, and Bobbielynn’s mother and father.

An Event Lady Production Plans a Fairytale Glam Wedding

The couple tied the knot on July 30, 2022, at the Marriott Greensboro Downtown. They opted for glam wedding decor and florals in soft pink, lavender and silver shades. For an added touch of whimsy, ballerinas danced down the aisle during the ceremony and at their reception.

Bobbielynn says that Angela B. Cameron, the founder, designer and planner behind An Event Lady Production, went above and beyond to create the glamorous fairytale day.

“She is a true visionary,” Bobbielynn says, praising Angela’s professionalism, care and hard work. “Once you give her an idea of your decor aesthetic, she will execute your plan with fidelity.”

An Event Lady Production offers full-service planning, wedding management and design and decor services. “Ms. Cameron also treats her clients like family by going above and beyond to give the bride and groom an unforgettable experience!” Bobbielynn says. “Thank you so much, Ms. Cameron, for giving me my fairytale wedding.”

A Spiritual Ceremony Followed by A Sparking Reception

The duo incorporated spiritual elements into their ceremony, including a sermon by officiant Jason Scott of Focused Marriages and a unity candle lighting to symbolize two becoming one. They also took part in the tradition of jumping over a broom to symbolize new beginnings.

The fairytale glam wedding decor was Bobbielynn’s dream wedding coming true. “I was living my fairytale dream,” the bride notes. Party rentals were provided by Curated Events Raleigh, which helped to style the wedding based on the desired glam aesthetic with gilded tableware and silver chairs.

DJ Paradime of Cool Receptions provided the music for the reception as well as sparklers and smoke. In addition, Bobbielynn praised his ability to bring the wedding to life, “the smoke was so beautiful and helped provide a true fairytale essence to my wedding.”

Finally, Bobbielynn advises those planning a wedding of their own to “remember that the overall purpose of your wedding is to bring two hearts and two souls together as one.” The bride reminds engaged readers that keeping this focus in mind can help guide decisions and create a meaningful and memorable celebration of your love.

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