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Liles Clothing Studio

Formalwear Made to Your Measure


Like a bridal gown, a wedding-day suit or tuxedo should make you stand out from the rest of your wedding party. Liles Clothing Studio in Raleigh, North Carolina will help you find a suit or tuxedo that matches your personal style and fits you perfectly! Although their expertise goes above and beyond custom suits, jackets and shirts to include belts, shoes, neckwear, jeans, sweaters and more, weddings are their specialty.

Whether it’s formal, semi-formal or a destination wedding, Liles will help the groom, groomsmen and father of the groom or bride find the outfit they need. Their exceptional staff will find your style, customize your fit and even coordinate accessories with your wedding color palette – all while you relax and enjoy the comfort of their Studio. With over 25 years of experience in made-to-measure clothing, Liles Clothing Studio has gained the trust of Raleigh’s most respected local leaders, celebrities and professionals. Don’t be surprised by who you bump into while shopping at Liles!

Legacy of Luxury – Liles Clothing Studio

In 1994, Liles Clothing Studio was created by Bruce, Becky and Hamayoun – three friends and formalwear experts. Their shop’s humble beginning quickly evolved into a beacon for artisan clothing and accessories. Tailoring skills and knowledge of fabrics and trends allowed the custom operation side of their business to blossom. In 2005, Liles Clothing Studio moved to North Hills. More members joined the team and the studio focused their attention on artisanal products and rarely seen lines. Today, Liles continues to pave the way for formalwear style and service in Raleigh.

“Let us be your guide for your perfect day,” says Bruce. “We’ll take the guesswork and anxiety out of planning your special wedding outfit and everything that goes with it!”

Q+A with Bruce Liles, Owner, Liles Clothing Studio

What advice can you give someone who can’t decide between a suit or tuxedo for their wedding?
They should consider the wedding venue, whether it’s formal, informal or a destination wedding. Also, if the client wears suits on a regular basis, he should go with a tuxedo to stand out from his regular attire. Look timeless as you look back in pictures years from now!

How can someone elevate their formalwear with accessories or embellishments to stand out?
The betrothed’s best accessory is his future spouse! It’s more about elevating the quality of his items to the best his budget allows.

When should someone plan their wedding formalwear? How much should they budget?
A good rule of thumb is to order your outfit at least six months in advance. It’s better to spend a little more than you plan to, rather than less than you should. Stretch your given budget to get the best quality you can. Save room in your budget for all of your accessories so that we can color match to your wedding and great wedding party gifts.

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