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Choosing Your Wedding Formalwear in Raleigh, Durham NC

There are a lot of details to consider when selecting a suit or tuxedo for yourself, friends or family members. Where do you shop? Are you buying, renting or looking for something custom? Keep reading to make sense of it all. Below, we’re sharing the scoop on how to find the best wedding formalwear, tuxes and custom suits in Raleigh and Durham, NC.

A Wedding Suit Rental That’s Uniquely You for Raleigh-Durham Couples

Keith Smith, operations manager of Bernard’s Formalwear in Durham, NC, encourages clients to distinguish themselves from their wedding party. “For some, it’s a different tie or vest,” he says. “Others, a different style and color. Never has this trend been stronger. We are seeing people who want to stand out for their wedding.”

Opt for a suit with a pop of color, interesting fabric or non-traditional structure. This is a popular, trendy choice for modern weddings. Dusty rose and white suit colors have increased in popularity.

Fabrics like velvet and Jacquard can also elevate the traditional tux in a classy way. Earth tones like olive and terra cotta are in style for more alternative nuptials, and linen makes for a crisp, lightweight summer wedding look. With these tips, your Raleigh-Durham wedding formalwear will be on point!

Think about the setting of your wedding and how formal you want to dress when choosing between a suit and tuxedo. Go with a lightweight suit or a nice jacket and khaki pants for a laid-back wedding. Bruce says he’s noticed a resurgence of black-tie events following pandemic shutdowns. “Certainly a return to formality has been evident,” he says.

A formal tuxedo or velvet suit jacket and black pants will set the tone at a black-tie affair. Of course, at the end of the day, you want to remember your wedding attire as something that was uniquely you! Choose a fabric or style that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Be sure to also think about what kind of neckwear and shoes will polish off your look.

Invest Long Term by Buying Your Wedding Formalwear Look

The lower cost of suit or tuxedo rentals may lead you to rent instead of buy. However, North Carolina couples might be surprised to learn that owning a beautiful suit is an option that won’t eat up your entire budget.

Naturally, people want to make investments in consumer products made to last. This includes suits and tuxedos! Owning a suit does not have to be a pricey ordeal. If you’re going to wear one in future formal events and weddings, you might as well find the perfect fit! Rental suits usually cost around $170. Purchasing formalwear typically starts at $250 for a suit and $325 for a tux, and goes up from there. Custom suits are typically start around $1,500 depending on fabric, style and detail.

NC Wedding Tuxedo Timeline

We recommend that suits or tuxedos are rented or purchased four to six months before the big day. Get an idea of what you’re looking for and styles you like before going shopping. Consider what your significant other is wearing so that you don’t clash at the altar! Planning in advance will give you ample time for alterations. NC wedding experts recommend having alterations done two months before the wedding. Don’t forget to have your wedding party to get fitted, too!

The Perfect Fit: Custom Suits and Wedding Formalwear in Raleigh NC

The exceptional staff at Liles Clothing Studio in Raleigh, NC, can find your style, customize your fit and coordinate accessories to your wedding colors, all within your budget.

“Consider the wedding venue, whether it’s formal, informal or a destination wedding,” advises Becky Bell, Liles Clothing Studio’s chief financial officer and office manager. “Also, if the person wears suits on a semi-regular or regular basis, they should go with a tuxedo to stand out from their typical attire. Look timeless as you look back in pictures years from now!”

Raleigh NC Custom Wedding Formalwear

With 25-plus years of experience in made-to-measure clothing, Liles Clothing Studio has gained the trust of Raleigh’s most respected local leaders and professionals. Customization has become a large part of its business and reputation.

“It’s better to spend a little more than you plan to, rather than less than you should,” Becky says. “Stretch your given budget to get the best quality you can. Allow room for accessories that we can color match to your wedding, and leave something in there for some great wedding party gifts.”

Polishing Your Wedding Formalwear Look

The accessories you choose to add to your wedding suit or tuxedo will result in a polished look on your big day. When it comes to neckwear, there are myriad options from ties to bow ties in any color or pattern you desire. Stripes, polka dots – the options really are endless! Express your style and go for a bold pattern or color. Accentuate the cut of your tux with a slim tie, or opt for a traditional one. If you’re on the fence, refer to the width of your lapels. Slim lapels look best when paired with a skinnier tie.

“With supply chains being what they are, the perfect outfit, or even accessory, can take longer than previously,” advises Bruce Liles, owner and president of Liles Clothing Studio. It’s a safe bet to plan ahead and have a good idea of the styles you’re looking for before going shopping in person.

Stand-Out Style from Kannon’s Clothing, Raleigh NC Formalwear Experts

Kannon’s Clothing in Raleigh, NC, has been providing NC couples with formal clothing since 1916. Isaac George Kannon founded the store originally in Wendell, North Carolina. His grandchildren continue to run the family business, now located at Cameron Village in Raleigh, NC. The shop offers an array of formal attire from stylish suits to creative accessories.

Kannon’s carries an extensive line of formal shoes that can satisfy any wedding day style. When it comes to your wedding day, it’s important to choose shoes that you will feel comfortable in. For a timeless look and style, Oxfords are a classic option. Derby shoes are a less formal option. Or, opt for a monk strap shoe to make a statement. These unique shoes don’t have laces! Dress boots are another popular and stylish option for your wedding formalwear look.

For more NC wedding fashion trends, inspiration and information, take a peek here!

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