Say “Yes” to the Suit

Groom Wedding Attire Guide, Everything You Need to Know  

It’s time to talk fashion. And for once, we’re not talking about wedding dresses! Below are our top tips on everything suits and tuxedos. Get the scoop on the latest trends in men’s formalwear. We hope our groom wedding attire guide will leave you feeling informed and prepared for one of the most important days of your life.

Timeline & Price Guide

Plan to go shopping for your suit or tuxedo three to six months before your wedding day. Go solo, bring your fiancée, or invite someone whose style opinion you admire. While you can bring your groomsmen, we advise against that for the initial shopping trip. Having too many opinions can lead you down the wrong clothing aisle. Decide whether you will be buying or renting your groom wedding attire. There are benefits to both rental and purchase! However, tuxedo rental cost tends to be the more affordable and all-inclusive option. The average price for rentals ranges from $150 to $220, which includes coat, pants, shirt, vest, neckwear, shoes, stud and cufflink sets.

Before heading out the door, jot down the exact wedding date, venue, dress code, color palette and theme. These details will help you coordinate your attire with the wedding vibe and your fiancée. Once you’ve selected your attire you can send your groomsmen into the rental store for their outfits and measurements. One month before the wedding return to the store for a final fitting. 

Plan Ahead 

Save time and unnecessary stress by making a game plan. The longer you wait before getting your suit or tuxedo, the more expensive it will be. If you wait two weeks before the wedding day to choose your attire, it will cost more than if you plan ahead and make your order 2-4 months prior. Plus, no one likes being rushed. Have everything steamed and ironed the day before your wedding, that includes dress shirt, jacket, tie, pants etc. Neatly arrange your entire outfit in a designated spot. This special location could be in your room or at the groom’s suite where you’ll be getting ready. Impress your partner by being one step ahead. Want to be extra thoughtful? Tuck a handkerchief or breath mint in your inside pocket. Whatever you do, do not push your attire onto your partner’s wedding-to-do-list, this is your responsibility! 

Mix and Match

There’s two options: You and your groomsmen can all wear matching outfits or your groomsmen can wear matching attire while you dress in something slightly different. One of our favorite trends in bridal fashion is the mix and match bridesmaids dresses. Groomsmen can do this too! Coordinate with the color palette or theme of your wedding. Maybe you want your squad to wear all black while you wear a spiffy maroon suit. No matter what, communicate with your crew, and give them clear and concise directions on what you expect them to be wearing to your wedding.

Two Outfits are Better than One 

We love it when a bride or groom plans for a surprise outfit change on their wedding day. It allows for you to play with fashion as well as delight your wedding guests with another side of your style. Is your bride or partner planning an outfit change for the reception or getaway exit? Think about adding another outfit to your wedding day attire. Maybe you’ll want to switch out of that heavy suit jacket or coat for a lighter, more breathable dancing outfit. Or if you plan on jumping into a jeep to drive off into the sunset after your reception, pack a casual honeymoon outfit to change into before your magical getaway.

Groom in Black and White Tuxedo Bow Tie from Bernard's Formalwear Wedding Attire Petal and Oak Boutonniere Sammie B
GROOM WEDDING ATTIRE Bernard's Formalwear | PHOTO Sammie B. Photography

Practice Tying the Tie Before Tying the Knot 

Don’t count on there being someone who knows how to properly fix a bow tie or tie with you on your wedding day. Save yourself some stress by practicing this ancient art. Ask a family member for a private lesson or sign onto Youtube and search for a quick video tutorial. Either way, this is one fashion tradition you’ll want to have in your repertoire before your wedding day. 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

 If you know you sweat a lot, invest in a sweat blocker or repellent. This product is similar to deodorant, but a lot more powerful! You’ll be able to find anti-sweat products at your local convenience store or pharmacy. They come in many different forms such as powder, sprays, wipes and cream. This strategic step does not cost much and will be well worth your time. 

Let Your Shoes Shine

Everyone knows that a fresh pair of shoes can steal the show. So don’t forget to pick out a pair of fly kicks for your groom wedding attire! Make a statement with leather loafers, or some classic blue suede shoes. Want to dance the night away with the love of your life? Slip into a pair of high fashion street sneakers. Or try adding a colorful tassel or shoelace to your traditional formalwear shoe. Whatever your wedding day fashion choice may be, make sure you feel comfortable enough to ‘cha cha real smooth’.  

Knock their socks off!

Add some fun patterned or colorful socks to your groom wedding attire. Bonus points if you match your socks to the color palette/theme of the event!

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