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5 Tips – Styling Modern Wedding Decorations

Styling Your Wedding Decorations – Art Deco Black and White Wedding at The Glass Box in Raleigh

Do polka dots and stripes clash? What is the difference between maroon and burgundy? We have some answers for those itching questions about wedding decorations. Discover how to pair your modern wedding decorations! Explore all of the unique flavors of your life through color, texture, and pattern. Planning your wedding decor goes hand in hand with picking the colors and theme of your event. We’re here to help make it fun and easy! Our tips and tricks will give you the edge this wedding planning season. Use this art deco, black and white wedding shoot at The Glass Box venue in downtown Raleigh as your example. Photographed by the incredible NC wedding photographer Images by Amber Robinson, this black and white wedding decor editorial is one of our favorite modern event designs!

Modern Invitation Suite Black White Purple Splash Boutonniere and Diamonds Direct Jewelry Photo Robinson
Black and White Pattern Wedding Invitation Suite Design with Modern Inspiration Photo Robinson

Tip Number One for Planning Your Wedding Decorations

Start with a classic element and build around it. Maybe it’s your grandmother’s pearl necklace that you match with a dramatically deep V-cut bridal gown (front or back). Or, it could be a rose gold letterpress invitation suite that is matched with rose gold candle holders. Find your object of inspiration and let the rest of your wedding decor flow from its colors and theme. Dust off that vintage lantern with warm pink and orange stained glass – let this unique wedding decor piece be your guiding light as you mix and match along the way! We love how this bride paired a classic pair of pearl drop earrings with a funky, Art Deco bridal gown. Beautiful! 

Modern Sequin Bridal Gown Hanging on Minimalist White Wall at Glass Box Venue with Floral Lantern Photo Robinson
Diamonds Direct Engagement Ring Postponing a Wedding Due to The Coronavirus Outbreak Robinson
JEWELRY Diamonds Direct
Curly Natural Wedding Hair with Fancy Pearl Earrings Diamonds Direct and Light Greenery in Hair Robinson
JEWELRY Diamonds Direct

Tip Number Two for Planning Your Wedding Decorations

Use traditional fabrics in surprising ways. Let the fabric and fashion of your life have a voice in the story of your modern wedding decor. Classic toile could line your seat cushions, or jacquard prints could function as table linens! Maybe your family Scottish Tartan or a West African fabric could find a place as a table runner, ribboned on a bridal bouquet, or made into a pocket square. Animal prints are back in fashion – and if this is your style, strut your leopard print shoes underneath your fit for a queen gown! In this modern wedding decor photo shoot at The Glass Box we love the playful, checkered, black and white accent pillows placed on the accent furniture. 

Smiling Bride in Sequin Gown with Modern Wedding Inspo Tropical Black and White Bouquet Photo Robinson
Luxury Furniture Set with Tropical Modern Bridal Bouquet and Black White Pattern Pillows at The Glass Box Robinson
Modern Groom Straightening Skinny Black Tie Silver Diamonds Direct Wedding Band Modern Inspo Robinson
JEWELRY Diamonds Direct

Tip Number Three for Planning Your Wedding Decorations

Add textures and layers. One easy way to find your wedding decor style is by layering colors, textures, and designs on tabletop settings. A colorful charger underneath classic dishware, or a metallic vase holding romantic billowy florals is a great way to blend tradition with modern wedding flair. Explore options by mixing and matching different textures and patterns that share a common thread color. This dreamy black and white table setting brings together a contemporary acrylic table number, metal plates, and fancy menu crest with vintage glassware and candlesticks. For this black and white wedding shoot at The Glass Box the planner placed bright gold chargers under black plates to add personality to the reception tables!    

Gold Charger Under Black Dinner Table Plate Modern Dish ware Wedding Planning Inspiration Photo Robinson
Wedding Reception Table Black White Grey Gold with Greenery Modern Inspiration Photo Robinson
Fancy Formal Black and White Wedding Dinner Menu with Wax Seal Photo Robinson

Tip Number Four for Planning Your Wedding Decorations

Think about the accent furniture. Accent furniture is one of our favorite modern wedding decoration trends. You can use glass or metal tables and sleek pieces of furniture for contemporary wedding decor looks. Or go rustic with wooden barrels, coca cola crates, and farm tables. Grab your bridesmaids and go yard saling. You never know what show stopping pieces of furniture you might find! Climb up in grandma’s attic and dust off that vintage dresser for a guest book table.

Black White Green Wedding Decor Floral in Gold Vase on Luxury Accent Furniture Photo Robinson
Black and White Champagne Bottles Purple Gold Painting Modern Wedding Inspiration Photo Robinson

Tip Number Five for Planning Your Wedding Decorations

Add an experiential element for your guests. Let your guests be a part of selecting and tasting your unique wedding decor! Metaphorically and literally. Incorporate a favorite food item or heritage dish on your menu to mix and match styles. Combine your partner’s choice cocktail with your fave beverage at the open bar. These wedding planning details will stand out with a cute description card on the buffet table or patio bar. As your guests pick a cocktail or appetizer, they will feel like they have a special role to play in the entire wedding experience! We love the black and white champagne bottles and black and white straws that this wedding design at The Glass Box features. 

Bride and Groom Cheers Together at Black and White Wedding Reception with Modern Style Photo Robinson
Summer Tropical Leafy Green Asymmetrical Wedding Altar for Modern Inspo Planning and Style Photo Robinson

What do we love about this black and white wedding editorial? Black and white can be the most formal, classic wedding look of all, or, as seen here, as eclectic as you like. The best part about planning a black and white event is that it goes with everything! Modern geometric patterns, unexpected textures, and bright tropical green foliage were incorporated here to bring a fresh vibe. The result? A sophisticated yet free spirited wedding atmosphere that will be equally love by your bestie and your mom.

Check out this tropical bridal shower at The Glass Box!

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