15 Tips to Help You Get the Best Wedding Photos

Tips on Making the Most out of NC Photo Shoot Sessions

By Madeline Kraft 

Want to showcase your love story on camera? Luckily, that doesn’t have to end with wedding day photography. As other NC photo shoot sessions become more popular, Heart of NC Weddings offers tips on how to make the most out of these photography sessions that will give you pictures to last a lifetime.

From engagement sessions to post-wedding photo shoots, we want to be sure you’re prepared on what-to-do, what-to-ask, and where-to-go! Keep reading our NC photo shoot session guide below for tips!

Capturing that Special Moment: Engagement (or Proposal) Photography

It’s always fun to think about taking romantic pictures with your partner and what’s a better reason than celebrating your engagement? Read our favorite tips for engagement photography below:

  • Make it a date: Plan a date that excites you both. Then, ask a photographer to tag along. This will make the shoot fun, produce candid moments and make the experience more relaxed. 
  • Schedule your session around the sun: Beautiful lighting will make you glow. If you are early risers, sunrise is a great choice! Otherwise golden hour, about an hour and a half before the sun sets, is the perfect time to schedule your session. 
  • Choose a location: For an engagement announcement, wedding website or wall decor, you want adorable pictures that showcase your personality and love story. Choosing a location that is meaningful to you will make your pictures unique. 
  • Utilize your proposal: Still planning your proposal? Hire a photographer to capture the special moment and shoot some posed photos after as a makeshift engagement shoot.
Occaneechee Engagement Photos Mark Maya Photography Durham Wedding Photographer and Videographer
PHOTOGRAPHY Mark Maya Photography

Feeling good, Looking good: Boudoir Photography

A boudoir photo shoot may sound scary, but you’ll be glad you took a leap of faith and joined this revitalized trend. Whether it’s fun, flirty or straight-up steamy, boudoir photos can make you feel beautiful and confident. Traditionally, women would present these pictures as a wedding gift for their loved one. But today, it’s a self-empowerment journey, and it can even be done with your partner. Here’s some tips on how to do-it-right:

  • Comfort trumps all: This photo shoot is all about making you feel like a million bucks. Start by choosing a location where you are comfortable and relaxed. Then, choose clothes and accessories that you love. Buy a new lingerie set or wear your partner’s oversized t-shirt. Whatever makes you feel sexy, bring it! 
  • Boost your confidence: Seeing the photos from your boudoir photo shoot will help to remind yourself of your own unique beauty. We suggest scheduling your session before a night out with friends because you are guaranteed to walk out of the session happy, confident and feeling beautiful.
  • Use the photos as a gift: Create a book of your photos as a private gift for your loved one. They are sure to make them crave some alone time with you. Or, just keep the album for yourself to remind you of your beauty. 
Creative wedding photo shoot ideas Bedroom Boudoir photography Barlow Boudoir
PHOTOGRAPHY Barlow Boudoir

This Magic Moment: Wedding Day Photography

The big day is filled with excitement, nerves and joy. You have more important things to do than make sure your photographer gets all the shots you want, so be prepared to leave all that stress to them. Here’s some tips to help you relax about wedding day photography:

  • Get on the same page : To have confidence in your wedding day photographer, make sure to discuss your vision and the event schedule with them before the big day. They work for you.
  • Think practical : What do you want to use your wedding photos for besides, of course, reliving your wedding day? Photographs can be used as great thank you gifts for the guests you are close to, beautiful house decor and scrapbook material. If you know how you plan to use the photos ahead of time, your photographer can make sure to get the specific shots that you will need later. 
  • Video is in : Photographs are great for a scrapbook album or wall decor but today, there are more mediums to remember your big day. Hire a NC wedding videographer to create a wedding day video in addition to photographs.

Relax and Rewind: Honeymoon Photography

Your honeymoon is all about relaxing and spending time with your loved one. Schedule a honeymoon portrait session so that you can put down the phone and focus all of your attention on living in the moment. Plus, professional photography beats shaky selfies. Keep reading below for tips on how to capture these moments with your new spouse:

  • Location, location, location : Since honeymoons are typically in unique locations, take advantage of the beautiful scenery as a natural backdrop for your session. Ask a local where to shoot, they will know all the best places.
  • Don’t worry about PDA : You’re on your honeymoon, so don’t be shy! Smooch, hug and be all over each other.

Your Love Continues: New Nester NC Photo Shoot

Can’t get enough of your wedding photos? Add a new-nester session to your calendar when you move into your new home with your loved one. You will adore these pictures when you look back at them in 50 years and get to relive moving into your first home together. Check out our tips on planning the perfect new-nester session below

  • Front porch pictures : Capture your happiness in front of your new home. Of course make sure to get a picture opening the door and stepping into your new home. 
  • Your first meal together : Order takeout and have a picnic in your empty kitchen or on the bare living room floor. And don’t forget some champagne to celebrate your first meal in your new home. 

Looking to schedule an NC photo shoot session for you and your partner? Check out Heart of NC Wedding’s preferred photographers here!

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