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Life of the Pawty

15 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Pet owners know that some bridal parties aren’t complete without a special someone, or should we say, a special furry friend. Whether you have a dog, cat or other pet, your animal is always there for you. So, they most certainly deserve to be apart of one of the most special days of your life. 

Here are 15 ways to include your pet in your wedding 

  1. Walk your pet down the aisle! Appoint a furry flower girl or ring bearer. You can ask another member of the bridal party to walk your pet or you can do it yourself. 
  2. Don’t miss out on precious photos with your pooch. Include your “dog of honor” in bridal party photos or family photos. Solo shots are not discouraged either. While getting ready, have your photographer shoot your pet posing in front of your dress.

3. Dress them up. The sky is the limit here! Floral collars, dresses, tuxes and even custom leashes for walking down the aisle are all on the table. For adorable bandanas for your pet, check out Poppy & Co. The bridal party gift boutique based in Raleigh, NC offers four handpainted prints. These colorful bandanas are the perfect accessory for your pup.

4. Invite your pet into the getting ready suite. Before you walk down the aisle, give them a big smooch. It just might help with all of your butterflies.

5. Make some extra room during the first dance for three instead of two. Let your pet get in on the celebration!

6. If it’s not ideal to have your fur baby at the wedding for the whole time, that’s okay. Have a petsitter bring your pet to the wedding for a brief visit.

Your pet can play a special role even if they can’t be there

Some venues may not allow your pet to be at the wedding in person, but there are still so many wonderful ways to include them!

7. Include them in your stationery. Have a local artist create a beautiful watercolor painting or drawing of your furry companion. 

8. Similarly, add artwork of your pets on cocktail napkins. Guests will love seeing their beautiful faces while enjoying cocktail hour. 

9. Have your groomsmen carry pocket squares with your dog’s silhouette.

10. Showcase your pup or kitten on your cake. Order a replica of your pet and you’ve got a pawsome cake topper. Alternatively, you have your pet’s mini-me peeking out from the bottom layer of the cake. 

11. If you don’t want to go all out with the cake, include your pet in another sweet treat. Order personalized M&M favors with your pet’s face on them. 

12. We’re seeing this trend all over! Let your pets inspire your signature cocktails. Name your hand-crafted drinks after your furry friend and add their portrait to a signature cocktail sign. 

13. Create wedding table numbers with another portrait or silhouette of your pet. 

14. Life of the pawty! If you’re doing a photo booth, make sure to include your pet. Create a cutout of them and create some fun memories. 

15. Finally, make a meaningful donation in your pet’s honor. Donate to your local animal shelter. 

For more “pet of honor” inspiration, check out the Brown Mountain Beach Resort Wedding by Jillian Knight Photography.

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