Malia & Spike’s Modern Science Wedding

Raleigh, NC Museum Wedding by Folie à Deux Events

Erica Greenwold Reisen dreamed of planning a wedding beneath the bones of the blue whale model at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. In October of 2019, her dream came true (kind of). Malia and Spike hired Erica’s planning and floral design company Folie à Deux Events to design their wedding at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

With both the ceremony and the reception taking place within the museum, both Erica and the couple wanted to use the overall nature design of the museum as their theme. Enhancing the exhibit with personal details only helped the space feel more welcoming for their guests. Keep scrolling to witness the wonder of this Raleigh, NC museum wedding! 

Saying ‘I Do’

The ceremony itself took place within the globe at the museum, Malia described it as “ethereal yet intimate”. Guests were located on the ground and second floor looking down on the bride and groom as they exchanged their vows. A blue map projection of the Earth served as the ceremony backdrop, which flowers were added to for the full effect of saying ‘I do’. The globe later turned into the dance floor for all the guests to dance the night away!

Malia and Spike’s Love Story

Malia and Spike met while working at a video agency and started dating seven years before they got married. When they finally decided to share the news that they were dating with their team they realized everyone already knew! Small moments, like running into coworkers at the grocery store while shopping for dinner gave it away. Spike later proposed on a beach with their dog, and Malia said yes!

Bride and Groom Malia and Spike’ Modern Science Wedding Day! Amaris Photo
Raleigh Wedding Malia and Spike’ Modern Science Wedding Day! Amaris Photo
raleigh wedding Malia and Spike’ Modern Science Wedding Day! Amaris Photo

Planning a Raleigh, NC Museum Wedding with Folie à Deux Events

Before the couple started planning their big day, they made a list of must-haves. These included celebrating with everyone they love and having a night of fun to remember forever! Malia and Spike’s relationship is full of laughter and learning new things. They wanted a wedding that would offer an energizing experience for their guests and themselves. Since the museum is one of their favorite places to visit in downtown Raleigh, they knew it would be a perfect venue because it truly embodied their core values of creativity, nature, adventure and wonder.

After many planning sessions, Erica gave Malia and Spike a custom-designed event to match their style and story. The modern science wedding design featured colorful blossoms, candles and more than a few test tubes.

“We tried to use the space instead of fight it,” Erica says. “We found a nice balance between classy modern elegance and fun playful elements.”

That balance can be seen in the variety of bouquets Erica made for the bridal party. The bridesmaid bouquets were multi-colored, the bride’s bouquet featured a stunning composition of wedding-white blossoms. 

Ceremony Back Drop Malia and Spike’ Modern Science Wedding Day! Amaris Photo
FLORAL DESIGN Folie à Deux Events

Special Touches

Malia wanted to incorporate special details into their Raleigh, NC museum wedding to honor her family and North Carolina. Her grandmother made hundreds of pressed flower greeting cards that had been sitting in a box in the closet for years. They used those cards as the guest book. To direct guests where to sit, Spike designed directional seating charts with North Carolina wildlife. They also invented cocktail names to celebrate their grandparents who made a cocktail every day at 5 p.m. together in their retirement years! Erica, owner of Folie à Deux Events, created centerpieces with beakers and pressed greens to honor the doctors, botanists and gardeners in Malia and Spike’s family and to play up the design of the museum.

science wedding Malia and Spike’ Modern Science Wedding Day! Amaris Photo

A Raleigh, NC Museum Wedding Night to Remember

Malia and Spike said that they knew early on they wanted their reception to turn into a massive dance party! With glow sticks, loud music and a long conga line, that was easily achieved! A memorable night was sure to happen while wedding toasts were made in the shadow of a whale skeleton followed by everyone dancing within a globe. At the end of the night Malia’s older brother and cousins surprised everyone in dinosaur costumes on the dance floor!

dinosaur wedding Malia and Spike’ Modern Science Wedding Day! Amaris Photo

Your Guide to NC Weddings

Maila had some advice to share with brides-to-be: “Weddings can be whatever you want them to be. Think about what you need as you head into the next chapter of your life. How can a gathering help you achieve that? If you need to feel supported, think about ways you can design a gathering to give you that sense of support. If you want to celebrate, design an experience that will let you do just that. And if the amount of attention you are receiving from friends and family feels overwhelming, just know that the attention signifies love.”

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