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Royal Wedding Trends for all Y’all Princess Brides

Add These Royal Wedding Trends to Your Wedding and Feel Like a Princess Bride

Fresh on the heels of the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, we have a feeling we may be seeing a lot of royal inspired weddings happening in the near future. Obviously, most “regular,” mere commoner (ha) brides may have to downgrade on some aspects of the royal wedding. You may not be able to fly in a choir of your own, have a custom-made couture gown or wed in a historic London church, but there are so many little things you can add to your wedding that are royal wedding trends!

Royal Wedding Trends for Your WEdding

Royal Wedding Trend 1 – Bouquets with Meaning 

There are so many ways to add sentimental touches to your wedding, and one is through your bouquet. You may choose the same flowers your mother or grandmother carried when she walked down the aisle, use homegrown blooms, or even just add a family heirloom as a decorative item around the bouquet stems. It’s a simple way to pay homage to someone meaningful.

Royal Wedding Trend 2 – Candid Wedding Photography

The idea of “traditional” wedding photography isn’t as popular as it once was. Couple’s want to be captured in their natural element with true emotion and love shining through each photograph. Use a queue from this Royal wedding trend that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle embraced and have a mix of traditional shots and candid emotional wedding photography. Have your wedding photographer – Southern Bride & Groom has some great ones to choose from – and have them capture moments in between poses instead of just the standard shots.

Royal Wedding Trend 3 – Greenery and More Greenery!

Greenery isn’t anything new, but the Royals really outdid themselves. I mean, did you see the Royal wedding’s church blanketed in greenery and white flowers? The archway leading into the venue was a piece of artwork. If you think you need tons of flowers and colors, you may be wrong. You can easily add more greenery to your wedding ceremony, reception and bouquets and have a glamorous outcome. Your wedding venue can easily incorporate this greenery Royal wedding trend to bring the romantic element of nature into your celebrations.

Royal Wedding Trends, Greenery wedding decor
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Royal Wedding Trend 4 – Simple Yet Elegant Cakes

Lavishly decorated cakes are beautiful of course, but you can still have a stunning cake that is on the more simple side of things. Try a plain white tiered wedding cake instead! You can even add on your wedding flowers and greenery trimmings to give the cake a living art detail – plus it will go perfectly in your reception area. The cake will be classically beautiful and very on point with the Royal wedding trend!

Royal Wedding Trend 5 – Alternative Walks Down the Aisle

You don’t have to hold true to tradition when it comes to walking down the aisle. Take a lead from this Royal wedding trend that Meghan took part in. Though you will mostly see a father walking his daughter, the bride, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a walking down aisle alternative. The choices are endless, your mother, sister, bridesmaids or even walking yourself. There is no right or wrong way to get down your ceremony aisle!

Royal Wedding Trend 6 – Minimalist Bridal Gowns

One of the biggest Royal wedding trends we expect to see is the traditional and modest, minimalist wedding dress making its way back up to the top of bride’s must-have lists. The clean-cut, modern, simple designs were already making a comeback. Now, thanks to the Duchess of Sussex, they will be the most sought after and en vogue gowns in the coming season. You can feel like absolute Princess Royalty in the clean lines and elegant fabrics of these types of dresses. While Meghan most likely went with such a modest gown because of her respect for the Crown and tradition, she made women all across the globe swoon and desire a look a like style for their own weddings.

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