These Spring Wedding Ideas are in Full Bloom

Spring Wedding Ideas for the Dreamiest Spring Wedding

Spring has officially sprung, the flowers are blooming, and color is returning everywhere! Nature is already a beautiful backdrop, why not use it as inspiration for your spring wedding? From blossoming florals, to gorgeous pastels, and even fruity drinks, your wedding will be the one people talk about all season long! Keep reading to see all the latest spring wedding ideas.

Bring on the pastels

Pastel colors exude happiness. If you want your wedding to feel like a lovely spring day, consider implementing colors like lavender, light pink, baby blue, soft yellow, or light green into your wedding! One, two or three of these colors would fit perfectly in your decor, florals, bridesmaids dresses and tablecloths.

Don’t be afraid to go bold

You can still make a statement in spring with bold colors! Colors like violet, hunter green, cobalt blue, or pink can be the focus of your wedding theme, and will be sure to wow your guests.

Cream is an absolute dream

Fresh, white linens are to die for, especially on a nice spring day. You could absolutely go for an all-white palette, with a mix of white, cream, and even a pale color of your choice. Your wedding will feel like a breath of fresh air!

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Get creative with spring wedding florals

Florals serve other purposes than just being centerpieces. Get creative with your florals and use them in new ways. Your florist can create stunning displays like a floral arch above the wedding altar, florals lining the aisle, and even a floral backdrop for photos!

Place flower petals in baskets for flower girls

Flower petals will certainly be used for flower girls to toss as they walk down the aisle. Little wicker baskets make it so much easier, and cuter, to contain them, and they can have something to hold onto afterwards!

Create bouquets with leftover florals

Your wedding flowers don’t have to go to waste! Use those leftover flowers and create bouquets to give out to your guests. You can also donate them to nearby hospitals or nursing homes.

Fans as programs

Save paper and print your programs onto handheld fans. Your stationer can write out your program onto fans, killing two birds with one stone. Your guests can cool themselves off if it’s hot outside, and they can also keep them as favors!

Interactive seating charts

To give your wedding guests a taste of spring, give them something to take to their seats on the seating chart. A simple flower will do, but you can also get fancy with something like a glass of champagne garnished with fresh fruit!

Elevate your escort cards

You can display names in very creative ways. Fun ideas include pastel Easter eggs, paper attached to a flower stem and mini wreaths!

Fresh fruit centerpieces

Instead of flowers, you can use small baskets of fresh fruit at the center of each table! Your guests can enjoy a light snack before the reception.

Utilize spring foods

So many fruits and vegetables are in season right now! Your caterer can create a menu that features fresh local produce with bold, delicious flavors. Charcuterie boards full of fruits and cheeses can also serve as nice appetizers.

Go fruity with your desserts

Spring fruits provide so much flavor to desserts. Incorporate strawberries, lemons, cherries, and other fruits into your cake or other desserts, so your guests won’t be able to stop talking about them!

Fruity drinks pack a punch

Strawberry sangria, anyone? Spring is the perfect time to plan fruity signature cocktail drinks. They can be served both with or without alcohol, so get creative! Serve one or two custom drinks for the night, like strawberry lemonade with mint.

Wedding favors that last

Consider giving your guests flower seeds as wedding favors. They can plant them afterwards, and they would definitely last longer than food. Other unique options can include sweet-smelling candles and fresh preserves!

Alternatives to confetti

If you want to have your guests throw confetti as you exit as a newlywed, great alternatives include ribbons, handheld streamers, bubbles and flower petals! Not only is it keeping the environment in mind, these options will help your photos come out more vibrant.

For more spring wedding ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs here!

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