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Wedding Bar Tips from Brewmasters Mobile

The Best Wedding Bar Tips and Tricks

Chances are, your guests will head straight to the bar after the wedding ceremony. Why not amp up your bar with unique cocktails and decorations and make it a spot at the reception that people will talk about long after your wedding is over. Check out our best tips and tricks from Brewmasters Mobile to make your wedding bar one for the books! 

Bar Services: The Nitty-gritty

If you plan on serving alcohol at your wedding, the best decision you can make is hiring professional bar services. While it is legal to buy a limited special occasion permit that authorizes a person to serve alcohol at your venue, it’s not as glamorous as it seems. As the host, you become liable should any illegal activities occur. To avoid problems with the law, hire an ABC-Licensed NC company. Not only will they assist you in managing the bar, bartenders and alcohol, but they’ll also ensure everything runs smoothly so that you can enjoy your night instead of babysitting drunk guests. Check with your venue to see if bar services are handled in-house (usually as a line-item or package fee) or if you can book local bar services to stock your bar with all the ingredients to make your favorite drinks.  

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Bar Furniture Rentals

If your venue doesn’t have a bar within the event space, local rental companies have the perfect bar to match your wedding style. To help facilitate social distancing, some rental companies are now offering bar rentals that come with plastic or acrylic bar shields for COVID-19 safety. This new wedding innovation is definitely one worth investing in to ensure you and guests are safe! Whether you’re looking for a bar made of barn wood or white marble – these local rental companies have you covered.

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BRIDAL GOWN Gilded Bridal
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Decorating a Bar That Will Impress Your Guests

Elevate your bar with decorations that will catch your guests’ eye and have them coming back for another drink! Encourage your guests to use eco-friendly, but decorative, straws or provide beautiful glassware for guests to sip their cocktails in style. Consider creating an inviting lounge near the bar as a way to encourage guests to mingle. If possible, make the bar double-sided so that guests can avoid long waiting lines. We also love the idea of building a statement shelf to display your glassware and highlight the types of alcohol provided or personalizing your bar with signs to showcase your signature cocktail. If the bar is going to be a place where your guests are spending a lot of time, we suggest that you prioritize incorporating some of these subtle, but memorable decorations.

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Designing your Signature Cocktails

Get your creative juices flowing by spicing up your wedding bar with signature cocktails. Designing signature cocktails can be a little daunting, especially when you’re trying to please your guests and match the theme of your wedding. That’s why we’ve created a list of popular wedding themes and complimentary drinks to help personalize your bar:

  • Winter Wedding – White Russians
  • Southern Wedding – Mint Julips
  • Tropical Wedding – Mai Tai
  • Boho Wedding – Boho Cocktails with Elderflower Foam 
  • Traditional Wedding – Old Fashioneds
  • Beach Wedding – Mojitos
  • Brunch Wedding – Bloody Mary bar and Mimosas
  • Rustic Wedding – Moscow Mule or Whiskey Sour
  • Black Tie Wedding – Cosmopolitans or Tom Collins
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Mix it up with Old and New Beverages

The old wedding saying goes, “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” There’s no better way to incorporate this than into your bar menu. Try picking out a traditional drink, a trendy cocktail, a cocktail you tried at another wedding and, if you’re adventurous, a blue drink!

Signature cocktail bride in Gilded Bridal Wedding bar tips from Brewmasters Mobile Richard Barlow
Craft beer wedding bar tips from Brewmasters Mobile Richard Barlow

Wedding Toasts: The Do’s and Don’ts

Do #1: Keep it short and sweet

There will be lots of people who want to talk about the lovely couple, so keep the toast short and positive and give everyone a chance to speak. It’s always better to leave people wanting more than wishing you’d stop. 

Do #2: Carry a cheat sheet

Remember, this is not a business presentation so it’s totally okay to hold a notecard outlining your toast as a reference. Plus, if you’re nervous speaking in front of large crowds, having something to hold will prevent you from fidgeting!  

Do #3: Start and end strong

Even if you’re best friends with the bride or groom, it’s still important to introduce yourself at the beginning of your toast. Then end your toast with confidence by raising your glass and asking the guests to join you in wishing the couple a lifetime of happiness!

Don’t #1: No roasts

Wedding guests come from all different realms of the couple’s life, so roasting the bride or groom by bringing up an embarrassing story from college probably isn’t the wisest choice. To avoid this, have a friend look over your toast to prevent the bride’s grandma from learning something embarrassing about her granddaughter! 

Don’t #2: Don’t make it about yourself

A wedding toast should not be an opportunity for you to talk about yourself. Focus on the couple and make sure to highlight what you love about the couple and not what you love about yourself! 

Don’t #3: Don’t rely on inside jokes

Avoid including inside jokes in your toast because no one wants to listen to jokes that they don’t understand. Tell a positive anecdote that everyone at the wedding can appreciate.

If you’re unsure where to look for bar services for your wedding , check out our list here!

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