Ten Tips for Being a Bridesmaid

If you’re a member of the wedding party, follow these bridesmaid tips!

It’s an honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid. It means that you are an invaluable person to your friend or relative who’s getting married. You have positively impacted their life and, whether you realize it or not, you have helped them find love by being a good friend and companion. On the surface, being a bridesmaid is a glam role in which you get to celebrate your loved one while you sip bubbly and play dress-up. But you should also be aware of the fine-print details beyond the fun part of this task. You have the power to make your celebrant’s big day truly special by being there for them throughout the entire process. Here are 10 tips to help you be the best bridesmaid.

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No. 1: Order your dress early
Follow the celebrant’s suggestions in selecting your dress – let them make decisions about their big day, including the attire that you’ll wear. Expect shipping delays due to the pandemic and plan accordingly. Order your dress at least three months in advance if you anticipate alterations. The last thing you want to show up wearing on the wedding day is a garment that doesn’t fit!

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No. 2: Provide emotional support
Wedding planning is sure to be stressful on an ordinary day. Add in pandemic-related problems, delays or postponements and the wedding boom, and you could have one anxiety-ridden marrier on your hands. Our advice? Be there when your friend or relative comes to you, and help out however you can. Help to mitigate stress whenever you can.

No. 3: Plan pre-wedding events
Two of a bridesmaid’s biggest responsibilities are planning the shower and bachelorette party. These pre-wedding events are special for the entire bridal or wedding party. Don’t leave the maid of honor hanging – be a team player and participate in the planning process.

No. 4: Accessorize appropriately
Follow any requests the betrothed makes for selecting shoes, jewelry, purses or bags and other accessories for the wedding. That includes color, size and style.

No. 5: Skin care is self-care
Feeling your best is a sure-fire way to confidence. Make sure your skin looks and feels good for all those wedding photo shoots! If you have tan lines, try to find a self-tanning product to help you create a no-line look.

No. 6: Know the plan
Of all ten of these bridesmaid tips, this one might seem most like common sense. But you can’t be too prepared before the big day. Be sure to talk to the celebrant or the maid of honor one week out to ensure that you are ready. Triple check the day, time, location and transportation for each event. Be prepared early by gathering your clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories and any other necessities for the day.

No. 7: Schedule a spa day
Get mani-pedis, facials or even waxed with the entire “I do” crew to look and feel your best on the big day. This is also a great opportunity to catch up with fellow bridesmaids and bond before the wedding day.

No. 8: Prep for pictures
As a bridesmaid, day-of wedding duties include acting as the celebrant’s keeper of small items for touch-ups. This could include lipstick, extra eye makeup, blotting papers, the bride’s phone, mints and snacks!

No. 9: Bathroom buddy
If your celebrant has a large dress or a long train, help hold the dress when needed. This might include bathroom breaks, bustling the dress for the reception as well as any outfit changes.

No. 10: Bring the energy
If you’re chosen to be a bridesmaid, you’ll be one of the people the celebrant spends the most time with on their wedding day. Set the mood and keep the party alive! This wedding is important to someone who means a lot to you, so maintain the good vibes throughout the event and make it a day to remember.

By Kaylee Layman

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