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Wedding Bar Services in NC, Setting the Bar High

The Best Bartending Services in Raleigh NC for Your Upcoming Wedding Occasion or Event  

According to POUR Bar Services and Brewmasters Mobile, mixing and pouring an alcoholic beverage is an art form. If you’re looking for the best bartending services in Raleigh NC for your upcoming wedding, go no further. POUR Bar Services and Brewmasters Mobile are Southern Bride and Groom’s top picks for wedding bar vendors in the Triangle. Whether it’s for your wedding, anniversary, or next big corporate event, these bar service professionals are the best of the best. Both POUR Bar Services and Brewmasters Mobile are ready and prepared to serve guests at events on your private property, rustic farm, or formal venue. Keep scrolling to learn about what these professional bartending services in Raleigh NC have to offer.  

Why Should I Hire Bartending Services for My Wedding in Raleigh NC? 

If you’re thinking about not hiring professional bar services for your wedding, think again. The last thing you need to be worrying about on your wedding day is whether or not all of your bar services are legal and in order. What’s the best way to avoid issues in the alcohol department? Hire an ABC-Licensed NC company to manage your bar, bartenders, and alcohol. First, check in with your venue manager to see if you can hire outside caterers or bar services. Second, book local bartending services to make sure that your bar is fully stocked and legal! Southern Bride & Groom highly recommends the following as our preferred choices for the best bartending services for Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area weddings. POUR Bar Services and Brewmasters Mobile are known for their top notch service, beautiful presentation, and professionalism.

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Premiere Bartending Services in Raleigh NC, Meet the Wedding Professionals

POUR Bar Services

Based out of Raleigh NC, this bartending service specializes in weddings! One of the hardest choices when planning an event is the alcohol. POUR Bar Services makes it easy by offering packages that can be customized to suit your needs and your budget. The team is staffed by trained bartenders that can also dress for the style of your wedding. They love the vintage 20s look, and will rock any attire to add to the entertainment of the evening. POUR Bar Services may work from the bar inside of your wedding venue, or four outdoor needs, bring the Barbox. What’s the Barbox? Only the coolest high-end mobile party on wheels. This local bartending services company led by women has been in the wedding and event industry for many years. Consistently racking up five star reviews, POUR Bar Services is an easy choice.  

Brewmasters Mobile

Brewmasters Mobile is a first-class family owned bar service for weddings in Eastern NC and the Raleigh area. Originally, this husband and wife team owned craft beer stores in Wilson and Goldsboro before expanding their business to include all alcohol with a mobile bar service. They offer full-service alcohol catering such as crafts and domestic beer. Hiring Brewmasters Mobile means you don’t have to worry about hauling kegs, icing down beers, or calculating how much alcohol you need. Oh, and did we introduce their MVP team member? Meet “Heidi the Hopbox,” their teal blue horse trailer converted mobile bar with four taps and deluxe refrigeration. Heidi’s sister, the “Tap Trailer,” has a six-tap beer pour and just as much personality. Brewmasters Mobile also offers two interior bars that they can bring along for indoor receptions. This high quality and affordable wedding bartending service team in NC is an excellent choice.

Brewmasters Mobile Teal Blue Wedding Bar Horse Trailer Bartending Services in Raleigh NC Three Region
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Wedding Planning Tips to Sip On Before Hiring Your Bartending Services in Raleigh NC  

When it comes to the bartending services at your wedding cocktail hour or reception, there are some BIG decisions to make. Once you’ve decided that you want to have alcohol at your wedding, then you choose what types to have available. The following are some common wedding industry standards when it comes to having an open bar.

How to Stock Your Open Bar

An open bar usually includes two or three beer choices, several wine choices, and the basic liquors along with mixers. You can also opt for a bar that offers selections of wine and beer only. One popular trend we see today is for the couple to pick their favorite signature cocktail. Maybe a bride’s go to drink is a mojito, or a groom loves mint juleps – either way, signature cocktails add a sweet personal detail to your wedding bar

How to Style Your Wedding Bar

Lots of venues have a bar within the event space. Otherwise, the look of your bar is a choice you’ll see when you head to the rental companies! Get Lit Event Lighting has an amazing wheel bar the allows your bartender to roll your drink to you. Other party rental companies have everything from rustic barn wood to modern white marble bars available for rent.  

Brewmasters Mobile outdoor Raleigh NC wedding bar with taps of crafts and domestic beer Kaylene Bain Photography
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Brewmasters Mobile Bar White Outdoor Cart with Colorful Beer Taps for Eastern NC and Raleigh wedding bartending services Kaylene Bain
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One Last Call for Alcohol, Final Considerations on Bartending Services in Raleigh NC

Some folks think that a good way to budget and save money on their wedding expenses is to buy and provide the alcohol themselves. Please be wary of this decision. In North Carolina, and in most states, there are strict laws involving serving alcohol. Hiring professional bartending services such as POUR Bar Services and Brewmasters Mobile is a risk free way to ensure that your wedding guests have an unforgettable night! 

Bartending Services on Private vs. Rented Space

You are legally allowed to serve alcohol at your home or other private event space – and no permit is needed. For rented property, it isn’t expensive to buy a one-time permits that authorizes a person to serve alcoholic beverages to other guests at the venue. The caveat here is that as the host, if you do it yourself and manage the serving on your own, you are ultimately responsible for the amount of alcohol that guests consume. If it sounds dangerous, that’s because it is. You could be held liable or partially liable for any adverse actions due to guests having an accident if a lawsuit follows. Don’t spend your wedding babysitting the minors or judging your guests for how much they drink. With professional bartending services you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly and your bar is fully and properly insured.   

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Don’t Worry, Be Hoppy

Whether your caterer or bartendending services have the liquor license and liquor liability insurance to serve the alcohol you want for your wedding celebration, be sure this is an area of your wedding planning you have completely covered. We feel that the best reason to hire professional bartending services is that your wedding day should be stress free. You, your partner, your family, and your friends deserve to enjoy every minute of your wedding day without any unnecessary worry. Cheers!   

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