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Everything You Need to Know About NC Wedding Photography

Style and Price Guide: Wedding Photographers in Raleigh, NC and The Triangle Area

Need help choosing from wedding photographers in Raleigh, NC and the Triangle area? The decision can be difficult, especially when there are thousands of beautiful businesses to browse. However, one striking Instagram image is not a full picture! Our number one piece of advice is this: Check out your prospectic photographer’s blog, and view galleries that show how they shoot an entire wedding day – from getting ready, indoor and outdoor, to night time reception shots. If they’ve covered a wedding at your venue, even better! 

Pro Tip: An interview isn’t old school!  

Fan-girling over a wedding photographer’s puppy pics on Instagram stories is not a sufficient interview. I know, it feels like we know people when we follow them on social media, but a real conversation is crucial. It can be on FaceTime, or over coffee, but it will make a difference. Not only will you get a sense of how you connect, but you can ask questions about the way they do business, how they work on the wedding day, and their system for getting the photos to you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wedding Photographers in Raleigh, NC and The Triangle 

Q: Should I book a photographer that is charging half of what the others cost? 

A: Unless you just don’t care, we advise you to hire a professional photographer who is charging at least industry standard –  which is around $3,000-$4,000 for starting packages. If they are charging much less than that, they might not have proper equipment, insurance or even the ability to sustain a business (you want your images, right?). New photographers sometimes offer lower rates, but please remember that experience goes a long way: knowing where to be at the right time throughout the day, confidence in directing your family and expertise with lighting.

Q: If $3,000 is the starting price, what more could be tacked on? 

A: Most wedding photographers in Raleigh, NC and the Triangle frame their offerings in packages. Their basic deal might include one photographer covering the end of getting ready time, to the end of the wedding. The next level up package might be a few extra hours of getting ready time, and a second day-of shooter. Other extra inclusions could be photo shoots outside of the wedding day, and photo album or print options. 

Heart of NC Wedding Photographers in Raleigh, NC and The Triangle 

There are a lot of great photographers in North Carolina. We are personally recommending the photographers below. Not only are they all talented and experienced, but they are all amazing people. With the variety of styles, you’ll surely find one with whom you click!

Photography Style Guide 

Your wedding album will of course include documentation of the invitation suite, the flowers and the dancing. But in the end, the most important images of the day capture of the two of you. So explore and discover what photography style makes you both happy. 

Danielle Smith of Blissmore Photography uses both film and digital photography – but with her fine art style, it’s hard to tell the difference. 

Nikki Whitt Belch of Fancy This Photography loves to play with natural light on film for a soft, glowing look. 

Heba Salama Photography is known for creative portraits with classic style.

Morgan Caddell Photography’s use of warm tones and vibrant contrasts are forever flattering. 


Meet the Heart of NC Wedding photographers and learn about their personal style and story here.

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